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Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many people may think that plastic surgery is so cruel for the senior actress Joan van Ark. Her appearance is getting worse after having some surgery procedures done. She is even listed as the victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. Why is she so careless? and what kind of surgical procedures did she have till she looks weird and so plastic?

Type of Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After
Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, Joan’s appearance looks worse because she got too much surgical enhancements. The surgeon predicts that she possibly had been under knife for facelift surgery, botox injection, facial fillers injection, blepharoplasty, and nose job.

Joan Van Ark Facelift and Botox

The reason that she decided to take facelift surgery combined with Botox is because she reportedly had aging problems. She might be afraid if her appearance got older with visible wrinkles and sagging skin.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Looking at her face skin which looks so tight and smooth, it is not doubted anymore if she had been under knife for facelift surgery. Unluckily, she went overboard with this beauty surgery, as a result, her appearance now looks unnatural and she even looks awful. Her face also appears so frozen indicating too much Botox injection.

Joan Van Ark Eyelid Surgery

A plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn noticed that the shape of Joan’s eyes reflects the eye lift sign. The surgeon found a hollow on the upper side of her eyes which makes her look like a doll.

Joan Van Ark Filler Injection

The other sign of plastic surgery which was assumed going wrong is her lips. Let’s take a look at the shape of her lips now, it appears plumped as if it was injected too much with injectable fillers. Having such lips makes her face look worse.

Joan Van Ark Nose Job

Another part of her face features which was considered as the result of plastic surgery is dealing with the shape of her nose which looks thinner. Her nasal bridge seems to be narrowed through a rhinoplasty surgery.

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Looking at her recent nose, some people think that her previous nose looks much prettier than now. It is all because her new nose looks like a dragonfly.

Many people still hope that she can bring back her beautiful appearance by getting reconstructive surgery soon. Hopefully, Joan Van Ark plastic surgery can give us a valuable lesson that plastic surgery does not always guarantee beautiful appearance.


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