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Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery: Fact or Rumor

Lately, there are many people are talking about the possibility for Jillian Barberie to get plastic surgery. They see that her appearance looks so different between she was at her early career and she is now.

Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, the truths of these rumors are still debatable among her fans and many celebrity watchers. For the fans, Jillian’s appearance is still natural without any procedure of plastic surgery. But, a lot of celebrity watchers see that there are some beauty enhancements in her appearance like breast size and unnatural face skin.

Did Jillian Barberie Have Plastic Surgery?

Jillian Marie Barberie who was born on September 26, 1966 is best known as a Canadian-American actress, television hostess and radio host.

In 2014 her name became hot topic of discussion among her fans due to divorce rumors with her husband Grant Reynolds. However, in middle of 2015, her name became hot news again in several magazines in America because of plastic surgery speculation.

The rumors of Jillian Barberie plastic surgery began spreading and stealing many public attention when some people found her with new appearance. They saw that her breast size and face skin looks unnatural.

Jillian Barberie breast size now looks bigger and fuller than before. It makes some people speculate she has had breast implant (boob job or breast augmentation surgery). It has to be kept in mind that she is already 49 years old, so it is almost impossible for her to have beautiful boobs size naturally without intervention from a plastic surgeon.

Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Jillian Barberie Plastic Surgery Boob Job

The other sign of Jillian Barberie plastic surgery can be seen from her facial skin. Many people see that her face skin looks too great for her age. In her 49-year-old age, her face still appears tight, fresh and smooth without a lot of wrinkles. It is almost impossible for other 49-year-old women to have tight and smooth face skin like Jillian’s face if they do not have any skin treatments regularly or cosmetic surgery done. Therefore, they predict that besides having skin treatments she could also have possibility to get at least Botox injection.

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Breast implant and Botox injection themselves are two of plastic surgery procedures which are most often taken by Hollywood celebrities. One of Hollywood actresses who was reported having filler injection in her face is Sharon Stone. She was rumored having benefited from the use of Botox injection. Her face now appears smooth without wrinkles.

The other Hollywood star who was reportedly having boob job is Taylor Swift. She was also reported getting a lot of benefits from breast implant because her breast size now looks much bigger and fuller than she used to.

Conclusion, plastic surgery indeed becomes new trend among Hollywood celebrities. In the case of Jillian Barberie plastic surgery, some people predict that she definitely has had work done in her boobs and face skin even though she herself neither admitted nor denied the rumors.

What do you think of Jillian Barberie’s plastic surgery? Does she look like really have breast augmentation and Botox? Feel free to share your comments and this blog post if you find something interesting in it!

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