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Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Is Finally Revealed

Jenny Mccarthy’s confession about plastic surgery is recently stealing many public attentions and is becoming one of trending topic in social media. A lot of people are shocked with her confession. They cannot believe if the beautiful woman has had some procedures of plastic surgery. Nonetheless, not a few of them are also wondering about the surgical procedures she had.

In some interviews, the wife of Donnie Wahlberg has openly admitted that she has been under knife for facial filler injection as what it was reported by ABC News. However, public apparently do not believe if Jenny Mccarthy has only had Botox injection to keep her look ageless, they think that she could also have had other beauty surgery done which she has never revealed to public.

What are The Procedures of Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery

Many people think that Jenny was not only having only Botox injections. Based on the comparison between Jenny Mccarthy before and after plastic surgery pictures, they saw that the 43 years old model have some beauty enhancements in the nose and breasts. Has she been getting rhinoplasty and breast augmentation? That’s what we will discuss and analyze together.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery: Botox or Other Filler Injection

Jennifer Ann McCarthy may have revealed that she has got Botox injection to maintain her face skin look smooth and ageless. She seems to be very happy about the result because her appearance now looks younger than other women in her age. Her face does not show a lot of wrinkles or excessive skin around the eyelid.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection is not something new for 40-year-old actresses. There are so many middle-aged celebrities especially actresses who are also reported having this beauty surgery procedure. Let’s take a look at the appearance of Lori Loughlin. She was also reported having had this anti-aging filler injection to get rid of the wrinkles around her face.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery: Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

The other cosmetic surgery procedure that she possibly had is nose job. This allegation is based on the analysis from the comparison between before and after photos. Some people saw that Jenny Mccarthy nose now looks thinner than she used to be.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Nose Job

According to some plastic surgeons who have observed the pictures of Jenny Mccarthy before and after, the former star of Witless Protection film has indeed had some improvements on her nose as well. They saw that a plastic surgeon has apparently narrowed her nasal bridge, so that the shape of her nose now appears slimmer than before. According to them, Jenny Mccarthy nose job was nicely done and match to her face.

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Jenny Mccarthy Boob Job

The most noticeable plastic surgery sign in her appearance is dealing with her breast size. Jenny Mccarthy breast size now looks much bigger and fuller than before. It is making some people not to believe if she only had filler injection on her face. Even though she has not admitted if she had got breast implant, but public seem to have believed that Jenny got a boob job.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery Boob Job

On the other hand, some sources like celebrity and beauty magazine ever reported that Jenny Mccarthy implants was done twice. She reportedly ever got breast implant removal in 2009, but in the end she decided to get the breast implant for the second time because she might feel insecure, so she decided to get breast augmentation surgery one more time.

Botox, nose job and breast implant are the three of plastic surgery procedures which are often taken by middle-aged actresses. This may be due to their concerns. They feel insecure with saggy skin and breast size which also began to appear sagging as the sign of natural process of aging. Therefore, they decided to take these procedures.

Conclusion, some celebrities may be able to hide their beauty surgery, but they do not seem to be able to hide the surgery signs, as what we can see from Jenny Mccarthy plastic surgery. She may have only admitted having undergone Botox injection, but some people see other plastic surgery sign in her appearance which reflect as the result of nose job and breast implant.

Nonetheless, it has to be admitted that Jenny Mccarthy plastic surgery seems to be very suitable as an example of good plastic surgery because her appearance looks more beautiful after getting plastic surgery done. She does not look like a 43-year-old woman.

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