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Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery lately steals public attention. It is all because there are many beauty magazines wrote that her surgery has inspired a lot of woman. One of them is a woman from Texas. She is reported to have some surgical procedures done in order to look like the winner of Academy Award, Jennifer Lawrence.

The rumor’s truth of Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery is indeed still debated among plastic surgeons. But, the rumor has been spreading out widely and been becoming hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers.

Did Jennifer Lawrence Have Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Plastic surgery has indeed become new trend for many celebrities like reality stars, actresses and actors, singers, comedians, and many other public figures. There are various responses, pros and cons, regarding celebrity plastic surgery. Some people regret, but not a few of them consider even encourage them to take plastic surgery because of the beautiful appearance is their biggest asset, including for Jennifer Lawrence. Is that true if Jenifer has got some procedures of plastic surgery done? If she has, what type of beauty surgery she had?

Judging from the comparison between Jennifer Lawrence before and after pictures, there are indeed some beauty enhancements in her appearance. Nevertheless, I cannot define whether they are as the result of cosmetic surgery or not.

The first change that is believed as the result of plastic surgery is her nose. Many people see that Jennifer’s nose now looks a little bit different than it used to. Her nose now looks thinner and more pointed at the tip, as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed. They believe that she has been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery or nose job. They also convince that if the change is the effect of makeup, the change will not be permanent.

The second change that triggers the speculation of plastic surgery is her eyes. Some people see that Lawrence’s eyes now look wider-opened than before. They claim that the change is as the result of an eyelid surgery or medically called as blepharoplasty.

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Breast
Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Breast

Then, the third transformation that makes them believe if the rumor of Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery breast is true is related to her breast size. They see that her boos now a little bit bigger and fuller than before. They suspect that she has undergone boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation).

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Everything can happen including the speculation of Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery. However, it has to be noted that before the actress makes the statement whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not, we cannot judge if the rumors are really fact.

What is the response of Jennifer Lawrence regarding the speculation of beauty surgery addressed to her? Did she admit or on the contrary denied it?

Since this post is written and published, not a single word out of Jennifer. She was silent whenever some people asked about rumors of plastic surgery. Nonetheless, some people consider that the beautiful star of The Hunger Games may just keep silent and never gives any statement about the speculation like has been done by other many celebrities like Wendy Williams and Raquel Welch.

Conclusion, to look beautiful indeed becomes every woman’s dream especially for the celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence. She may keep and enhance her appearance through plastic surgery or she may age gracefully and naturally without any cosmetic surgery.


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