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Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery rumors have been long stealing public attention. She reportedly had some work done due to some noticeable differences in her appearance, particularly on her face features.

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Judging by before and after pictures, some viewers predicted that the procedures of Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery might include a facelift and filler injection. To see whether the rumors are true or not, you can see the pictures below.


The follwings are some before and after photos of Jennifer Jason Leigh which are used by viewers as the evidence of her cosmetic surgery.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Then and Now
Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Then and Now

What do you think? Does her appearance really look like as the result of cosmetic surgery? Some viewers say yes.

Facelift and Filler Injection

Facelift surgery seem to be the shortcut of beauty treatment which is most often taken by celebrities in Hollywood. They take this procedure to get rid of the wrinkles from their face and to maintain their ageless look. Let’s take a look the way how Lady Gaga maintains her awesome appearance! She was also rumored having been under knife for facelift procedure like what Jennifer Jason Leigh did.

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If we compare Jennifer Jason Leigh then and now, her face does really look wonderful. It is almost hard to see the frown lines on her face. Jennifer’s face skin still appears smooth and tight.

Besides facelift, she was also reported to undergo a filler injection like Botox. The use of this injectable filler is believed to make her facial skin appear smooth with wrinkles-free.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Bad Plastic Surgery

How old is Jennifer Jason Leigh? She is now 54 years old. Does she look like a 54-year-old woman? Looking at her beautiful appearance, people do not believe if she has been an old woman. They think that her age is still around 35-40 late.

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