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Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery recently becomes hot topic in several celebrity online forums. It is all because the result of the surgery. Some people think that she looks younger and more beautiful after having some procedures of plastic surgery done.

However, not a few of them claim that her appearance now looks a little bit weird after having been under knife. The disputes are unlikely to end. Both of them, pros and cons, consider that each of their opinion is the most correct.

Regardless of whether Jennifer Grey looks good or bad after plastic surgery, the big question is what type of beauty surgery she had? Judging from before and after photos, some plastic surgeons notice that she has at least four beauty enhancements, they are on face skin, nose, teeth and lips.

The procedures of Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery indeed has become new trend among celebrities. This statement can be proven with there are so many celebrities, actors, actresses, singers, models, and many others prefer to take cosmetic surgery as their beauty treatments rather than natural way. The following are the possible procedures of Jennifer Grey plastic surgery.

Jennifer Grey Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

Some people agree if the former star of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off film has had nose job or rhinoplasty. They see that the shape of her nose now looks much different than she used to be. Jennifer Grey nose now appears more projected than before. It indicates that she has had undergone nose surgery.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job
Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Look at the “before” photos! Jennifer Grey nose appears a little bit wide with undefined tip. Afterwards, let’s compare to the “after” pictures, she now appears with thinner nose and better defined tip. This is almost impossible for other women to have such beautiful nose like hers if they do not have any cosmetic surgery on their nose.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Botox

The other surgical procedures which she possibly has are a facelift and filler injection like Botox. Both of them are the common procedures of cosmetic surgery for 50 years old women including for Jennifer Grey. She reportedly has these procedures to get rid of aging signs from her face. As result, her face skin now looks tight, fresher and without a lot of wrinkles or excessive skins.

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Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before After
Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before After

However, not a few of them claim that Jennifer’s face now looks like frozen without any expression lines. They think that she might have had multiple facelift and too much Botox injection, so that her face now appears like porcelain, too tight and smooth.

Normally, 55 years old women will have wrinkles on their forehead and have excessive skins under and upper eyelids. But, what can be seen from Jennifer Grey’s appearance, her facial skin still appears tight and smooth, as if it is hard to see the aging signs on her face.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery: Veneers

Some plastic surgeons also notice that her teeth now look whiter than before. They predict that the 55-year-old actress seems not only to have a nose job, face lift and Botox injections, but she apparently also has had veneers.

The sign of the procedure can be seen when she is smiling. Jennifer Grey teeth look bleached white. Therefore, her smile now looks prettier than she used to be. Nonetheless, there are still many debates about this speculation.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery: Lip Filler Injections

The last but may not be the least. Jennifer Grey is also reported having filler injection on her lips to make perfect the previous procedures. The final purpose of lip filler injection is to make her smile look perfect. And again, the truth of the rumor of Jennifer Grey lips augmentation is still debatable. There are pros and cons whether she has really been under knife for lips enhancement or not.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Photos
Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Photos

Did Jennifer Grey admit all the speculations of plastic surgery? Until now there is no clarity about this rumor. There are still many debates among plastic surgeons. However, regardless whether these rumors are true or not. I personally see that the appearance of Jennifer Grey still looks pretty though not natural. Indeed, there are certain parts of the body that looks a bit strange, but overall she still looks quite attractive for a 55-year-old woman.

What do you think? Did Jennifer Grey really look like having some procedures of plastic surgery done? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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