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Jan Crouch Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery seems to be a compulsion for 70-year-old actresses if they still want to make a live in entertainment industry. As we know that attractive appearance is one of the most valuable assets that they have to keep.

The latest news reported that a 76-year-old actress Jan Crouch has got plastic surgery procedures to keep her youthful and attractive appearance. This allegation can be seen from her appearance which looks younger than other women in her age. She does not have plenty of aging signs on her face. It still looks tight, smooth, and flawless.

What Is the Type of Jan Crouch Plastic Surgery?

Born on 14th March 1938 Jan’s appearance does not reflect her actual age because she can still look younger than other women in her age. Looking unnatural makes some people wonder and guess if the veteran actress has been under knife, so that her appearance can still look ageless.

Jan Crouch Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jan Crouch Plastic Surgery Before and After

And, based on the pictures comparison between Jan Crouch before and after plastic surgery, she seems to have facelift surgery, Botox injection, and eyelid surgery as well to keep her youthful appearance.

Jan Crouch Facelift and Botox Injection

Face lift surgery and facial filler injection seem to be a package for celebrities who  want to keep their attractive appearance. And, if we look at Crouch’s appearance, she must have had facial skin lifted combined with the use of Botox. Consequently, her facial skin still appears so tight and smooth as if it is hard for us to see the wrinkles there.

Besides having face lift surgery and facial filler injection, Jan Crouch is also alleged having an eyelid surgery. This beauty surgery is to keep her eyes fresh and awake without sagging skin and excessive fat around the eyelids.

However, some people think that her appearance now looks unnatural though her facial skin still looks tight, smooth, and wrinkle-free. It may be caused by too much Botox injection, so that Jan’s appearance does not have any expression lines.

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In short, though Jan Crouch’s appearance does not look natural, but there are many fans are still loving her. They think that her inner beauty will cover the unnatural look.

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