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Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery Reportedly Gone Wrong

Jacklyn Zeman is lately being talked by many people. It is all because her appearance which now looks a little bit weird and even looks unrecognizable. Some people are wondering what happens to her, so that she does not look as beautiful as she used to.

There are a lot of speculations regarding Zeman’s appearance. Some celebrity watchers think that it is caused by plastic surgery gone wrong. However, the truth of this speculation is still debated among plastic surgeons.

The new appearance of Jackie Zeman general hospital indeed has surprised a lot of people. The 62 years old lady who previously looks beautiful now looks unrecognizable. Her appearance has changed lots now. Her face looks like swollen.

Did Jacklyn Zeman Have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Jacklyn Zeman previously had indeed been rumored to get a plastic surgery, breast augmentation. However, these rumors are still a puzzle because she herself has never given a statement whether she has been getting breast augmentation surgery or not.

If the rumor of Jacklyn Zeman boob job is indeed true, why her face looks so pulled and puffed. Did she get other plastic surgery procedures beyond her breast implant?

Before talking further about her new face, let’s see first whether she has really been under knife for boob job or not. We can find the answer through comparing before and after pictures.

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Judging from the comparison between Jacklyn Zeman before and after pictures, her breast size indeed looks a little bit bigger than before. It might be true if she had undergone breast augmentation surgery in the past.

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Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Breast Implant
Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

According to some plastic surgeons, who do not want to be exposed, Jacklyn Zeman breasts look unnaturally high and to are spaced apart. They agree that she has had breast implants which placed through an incision in the armpit. Therefore, her breast looks fake now.

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Botox

It is not deniable anymore if facelift which is combined with Botox could help women to get rid of the wrinkles from their face, so that their appearance will look ageless though they are already 60 years old. However, if both cosmetic surgery procedures are overdone especially the use of Botox, it will make face looks like swollen.

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Pictures
Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Pictures

There are a lot of middle-age actresses have had the procedure. Some of them may have benefited from the use of Botox injection, but not a few of them reportedly look worse after getting the filler injection. Let’s see Lisa Rinna plastic surgery! It is said that the procedure of her surgery consists of filler injection as well. She was reported having filler injection around her lips. And, due to too much filler injection her appearance now looks a little horrible.

Looking at Jacklyn’s appearance, her face skin indeed still looks tight and smooth. It may be as the result of facelift surgery. However, though she has tight and smooth facial skin, but her face over all looks a bit swollen. Her eyes also do not have any sagging or bagging. This stands in stark contrast with the eyes of other women in her age.

Some plastic surgeons agree if the 63-year-old actress Jacklyn Zeman has been under knife for Botox injection. They reveal that the injectable fillers apparently have been injected in some parts of her face, so that her face is free from wrinkles. But unfortunately, she apparently went overboard with this filler injection, her face skin appears completely frozen.

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery: Filler Injections

The other face features that seem to get too much filler injection is her cheek and lips. The surgeons predict that she has had cheek implants, so that her cheeks do not only look full, but still high though her age is no longer young. Meanwhile, she also apparently got bad lip injections like juvederm or restylane, so that Jacklyn Zeman lips now look a little bit plumped. Even since she often appears with plumped lips, Jacklyn is now listed into actress with big lips.

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Jacklyn Zeman admit all the allegations of plastic surgery? Until now, the rumors of Jacklyn Zeman plastic surgery still become a puzzle. She has not clarified whether she has had cosmetic surgery or not. She is still silent, as if she does not care with the spreading rumors in the society, especially among her fans.

Conclusion, regardless of whether Jacklyn Zeman has really gotten plastic surgery or not, her appearance now looks much different than she used to be. However, if she really had some procedures of plastic surgery done, I hope that she will not add any procedure again in the future. I am afraid if she does so, her appearance will become worse.

What do you think of the speculation of Jacklyn Zeman plastic surgery? Does she look like having some works done? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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