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Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hyuna plastic surgery is lately being hot topic of discussion among the fans and Korean celebrity watchers. The singer whose complete name Kim Hyun Ah reportedly got some surgical procedures to improve her appearance even though she herself has never given any confirmation whether she has really got some cosmetic surgery procedures or not.

Hyuna Plastic Surgery: Facts or Rumors

Hyuna Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Hyuna Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kim Hyun Ah who was born on born June 6, 1992 is best known as the member of the Korean girl group, 4minute. The rumor of Hyuna plastic surgery began spreading out to public since she looks much different lately. Moreover, there are a lot of before and after photos are uploaded on internet that make some people more believe if she has really been under knife.

Nevertheless, only a few people know what type of plastic surgery she had taken. So, via this post we will try to identify what kind of surgical procedures she had based on before and after photos comparison above.

Judging by before and after pictures above, we notice that she has really enhancement on her nose and eyes. Does it mean she has been under knife for nose job and eyelid surgery? Based on the comparison of Hyuna plastic surgery before and after photos, the answer is definitely true.

Let’s take a look at the shape of her new nose. It looks thinner with more pointed at the tip. It is almost contradiction to her old nose which looks a bit wide and flat with the bump at the tip. According to the theory of plastic surgery, one of the best ways to change the shape of nose is via a rhinoplasty surgery. And if we look at Hyuna’s nose, we believe that she could have nose job so that it can look prettier than before.

Hyuna Plastic Surgery Eyelid Surgery
Hyuna Plastic Surgery Eyelid Surgery

The other sign of Hyuna plastic surgery which we can see on her appearance is the possibilities for her to get an eyelid surgery. Our allegation can be seen from how her eyes look. Generally, Korean women have small eyes, but if we look at Hyuna’s eyes, they look wider and awake. If she does not have Blepharoplasty, so what kind of beauty treatment can change the shape of eyes? None of beauty treatment can change the shape of eyes except via plastic surgery, eyelid surgery.

Kim Hyun Ah is not the only Korean singers who reportedly got plastic surgery. There are a lot of Korean singers who are alleged having some cosmetic surgery procedures done. Let’s see how Park Shin Hye looks after having been under knife, her appearance now looks much more different than she used to.

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Over all, regardless of whether Kim Hyun Ah has got nose job and eyelid surgery or not, we see that Hyuna plastic surgery is done well by her plastic surgeon so that her appearance can look natural as if she does not have any cosmetic surgery procedures at all.

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