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How Much Does A Nose Job Cost?

Rhinoplasty Cost- How Much Does A Nose Job Cost?

Nose job or beauty nose surgery, medically known as a “Rhinoplasty,” involves a cosmetic surgeon reshaping the bones, cartilage and tissues in your nose to to change its proportions in order to enhance the facial looks.

Rhinoplasty surgery itself is often for cosmetic purposes and it also may be necessary to correct defects in the nose that interfere your breathing.

When nose job is done for a cosmetic purpose, your health insurance will not ever cover your nose surgery, so doing research about rhinoplasty cost is must for you.

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So, how much does a nose job cost?

Rhinoplasty costs

Based on the statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2014, the average cost of nose surgery is $4,694. However, this number does not include other fees, such as anesthesia and surgery facilities, so the total of nose surgery cost can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

The details of nose job costs are:

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  • Surgeon’s fee of approximately $3,500.
  • Anesthesia fee of $600 to $1,000.
  • Operating facilities fee of $700 to $1,100.

Additional cost may include surgery garments, medical tests and prescription medications.

Factors Affecting Nose Job costs

There are so many factors that determine rhinoplasty total cost, including:

  1. The skill of cosmetic surgeon: The certified and most skilled plastic surgeons are in high demand, and their time comes at a premium.
  2. The type of surgical procedure: Complicated procedures take longer and will cost more.
  3. Geographical location: As with any other service, plastic surgery prices vary significantly between areas of the country, so where you decide to have a nose job has an impact on the price.

Revision or Second Rhinoplasty Surgery

Believe it or not, one of the biggest factors affecting rhinoplasty total cost is if you need to have a second surgery. This might be caused by your first nose job that has made your nose swollen, or the surgeon may get a false impression of the final shape of your nose. When the swelling goes down, a second surgery is necessary to achieve the look you expected. Approximately 15 percent of nose surgeries require a second surgery.

How Much Does A Nose Job Cost

To minimize the risk of second nose job in which the results might not be like what you expected, make sure that your surgeon is aware of your expectations. Consider cutting pictures from magazines as your refference.

Health insurance- How much does a nose job cost with insurance?

Health insurance rarely covers plastic surgery, so if you’re having rhinoplasty surgery for the sole purpose of enhancing your facial looks, you usually will pay for the procedure out of your own pocket.

However, it’s common for insurance to cover rhinoplasty for resolving a breathing defect or for reconstructing the nose following a severe trauma. You can check with your insurance provider to see if your nose job covered or not.

So, how much does a nose job cost with insurance?

There is no exact figure what percentage of health insurance will cover a nose job. But it never hurts to ask… Seek authorization, but do not expect 100% coverage.


A nose job or rhinoplasty surgery is a difficult type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, and it must be done by a skilled physician with the surgical and artistic talent to sculpt your nose perfectly.

When it comest to “how much does a nose job cost,” you have to understand and keep it in mind that the best surgeons usually command the highest fees, and if your nose job is entirely for cosmetic reasons, you cannot rely on your health insurance to settle the bill.

Consider your options carefully, and make sure your surgeon can make you feel comfortable with him or her before making a final decision.

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