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Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After

Holly Madison plastic surgery has been widely talked by a lot of people in social media network. Forehead lift, cheek implant, nose job and breast augmentation are the type of plastic surgery she has possibly taken. Those surgery procedures were aimed to make her appearance look perfect.

Holly Madison Before and After Plastic Surgery

Having a date with Hegh Hefner, She even openly said that “I felt I looked the worst when Hefner and I got together in 2001”. An actress, whose bra size 34 A, apparently is not satisfied with the size therefore she decided to have boob job to add the volume of her breast size.

Holly Madison Breast Implant Before and After
Holly Madison Breast Implant Before and After

Madison stated that “she wanted to have her boobs done and wanted to be more proportionate as well. However, some people think that she actually has had big and full cup size, so she does not need to have breast implant anymore. Nonetheless, Madison still insists that she wants to improve her busts.

It is reported that Holly Madison breast augmentation was done in 2011. But unfortunately, she did not feel satisfied with the result therefore she went to Dr. Garth Fisher to make some correction.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Nose Job

The other type of Holly Madison plastic surgery is nose job. It is reported that she got a rhinoplasty surgery for years later after breast implant in 2011. Unlike boob job, rhinoplasty surgery took a few hours. She explained that her nose job was for medical reason because she got nausea from anesthesia and sore in her chest resulting swollen for months.

Based some sources, the plastic surgeon that did Holly Madison nose job was Raj Kanodia. At first, she did not feel happy with the result of her nose surgery, hence she came to her plastic surgeon again to make some correction on her nose. Luckily, she was finally happy with the result.

Even though Madison has openly admitted her beauty surgery, but she convinces that she does not want her daughter follow her footstep in managing beauty via plastic surgery.  Even cosmetic surgery procedures have made her easier to get things she wanted during her career life, but she hoped that her daughter could age gracefully and naturally.

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In short, Holly Madison plastic surgery over all is well done. She just has disproportionate breast size. Her cup size now looks too big as if it will explode.

What do you think about Holly Madison breast size? Does she feel comfortable with such big breast size? Feel free to share this post if you find it interesting.


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