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Has Cindy Crawford Had Plastic Surgery or Botox

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

The confession of Cindy Crawford plastic surgery seemed to shock a lot of people particularly her fans. In an exclusive interview with Gala Magazine, she revealed that the secret of her ageless look was due to healthy lifestyle and vitamin injections like Botox and collagen.

“I’m not going to lie to myself: past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox and collagen.” Crawford also admits, “I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles. I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and exercise. But I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon.” 

However, one source claimed that the procedures of Cindy Crawford surgery was not only Botox injection, but it was said that she could also have had a nose job, facelift, and eyelift as well.

Has Cindy Crawford Ever Had Plastic Surgery: Nose, Facelift & Eyelift?

Since the confession of Cindy Crawford plastic surgery, many people start guessing about the possibility for her getting more plastic surgery procedures beyond Botox injection.

Well, before we talk further whether Crawford ever had a plastic surgery nose, facelift, and eyelift, or not, let’s started it by comparing some pictures of Cindy Crawford now and then below.

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before After
Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Now and Then

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Did Cindy Crawford have plastic surgery nose, facelift, eyelift, and cheek implants? Let’s analyze one by one.

Cindy Crawford Mole Removed

Based on the report published by, kids used to bully Cindy Crawford while she was growing up due to her trademark mole. Therefore, she wanted to have her signature mole removed after boys on her school’s football team used to taunt her.

cindy crawford mole pictures

Luckily, her mother warned her about the risk of removing the signature mole. Her mom said:

“You know what your mole looks like,” Crawford’s mom told her. “You don’t know what a scar will look like.”

Did she really remove her signature mole? Judging from before and after photos above, Cindy Crawford mole is still on her face and it doesn’t look like removed. So, it can be concluded that people who said that she had mole removed was just a rumor.

Cindy Crawford Nose Job

cindy crawford nose job before and after

Look at the picture above! there is indeed difference between Cindy Crawford nose now and then. Her nose now looks slimmer than she used to. However, I cannot define whether it is as the result of a nose job or makeup.

Cindy Crawford Facelift

Besides nose job and Botox, people also predict that the super model could also have had facelift. This allegation is based on Cindy Crawford face skin which still appears so smooth and tight. It has to be kept in mind that her age is 50 years old and it seems to be too great for her to have youthful look.

cindy crawford facelift before and after

On the other hand, to keep the youthfulness facial skin through Botox injection is usually followed by a facelift surgery. These surgical procedures are claimed as the most effective way to fight the aging signs.

Cindy Crawford Eye Lift

The other way to maintain the ageless look is through eye lift procedure. And, looking at Cindy Crawford eyes, they are still wide opened and fresh. It is hard to see the eyes bag upper and under her eyes.

Cindy Crawford Eye Lift Before and After

Nonetheless, I cannot say that the rumors of Cindy Crawford eye lift are true. I just see the that her eyes still appear like 30-year-old women’s eyes without crow’s feet lines.

Cindy Crawford Cheek Implants

Cindy Crawford Cheek Implants Before and After

The last procedures of plastic surgery that Crawford might have had is a cheek implants. People see that her cheeks still appear high though her age is not young anymore. Based on before and after pictures, people predict that 50-year-old supermodel might also have been under knife for cheekbone implants.

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