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Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After

Halle Berry is already 49 years old, but her appearance is always attractive. It makes some people wonder how she can manage her appearance so that she can always look stunning though her age is not young anymore. Some say that she maintains her appearance through plastic surgery, but not a few of her fans claim that she is still natural without any procedure of cosmetic surgery. Which one is true?

Those people, who alleged Halle Berry having some procedures of beauty surgery done, see that her appearance does not look natural like many other women in her age do. They see that there are some beauty enhancements in her appearance especially her nose.

Did Halle Berry Have a Nose Job?

Plastic surgery procedure especially nose job is not something new for many celebrities in America. Some of them reportedly had this beauty surgery to enhance their nose. One of them can be seen in Angelina Jolie plastic surgery.

One of the common ways to know whether celebrity with nose job or not can be proven from the comparison between before and after plastic surgery pictures.

Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After Pictures
Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Judging from the comparison between Halle Berry before nose job with the latest photos, it is very clear that her nose has changed. It now appears a little bit slimmer with more pointed at the tip. It is very contrast to the “before” picture in which her nose shape looks a bit wide with bump at the tip.

Halle Berry Before and After Nose Job
Halle Berry Before and After Nose Job

According to plastic surgeon who has seen and compared Halle Berry before and after pictures, her nose indeed looks like projected through rhinoplasty. The surgeon sees that the change in her nose appears permanent and does not look like as the effect of makeup. Therefore, the doctor believes that she must have been under knife for her nose enhancement.

The other example for best celebrity nose jobs can be seen in Celine Dion plastic surgery. She even reportedly not only had a rhinoplasty, but she was also rumored having Botox injection to keep her ageless look.

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Did Halle Berry have other plastic surgery procedure done? The answer is still debated among plastic surgeons. But, not a few of celebrities’ watchers see that she could also have Botox injection like Celine Dion did. Their allegations are based on her face skin which still appears smooth even though her age is already 49 years old.

What do you think about the rumors of Halle Berry nose job? Did she really look like having a rhinoplasty done? Feel free to share this post and your comments if you find something interesting in it!

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