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Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery Pictures

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery – Did Dove Cameron Get Plastic Surgery?

The beauty evolution of the Disney Channel star Dove Cameron has been long stealing public attention. A lot of  people are still wondering about the authenticity of the rest of her look, and they still curious how she looks before and after being under knife.

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Let’s take a look at her beauty evolution and which parts of her body enhanced so far:

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery

The following pictures are taken when she was a child and taken in 2010-2011, particularly before plastic surgery rumors. How did she look? Let’s check them below!

Dove Cameron As a Child

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery Child

To understand the beauty secret of Dove Cameron, we need to go all the way back to this photo of her as a child. At the time, Dove Cameron real name was Chloe Hosterman—she only became Dove Cameron upon moving to LA at age 14.

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery Photo

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Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery Photos
Dove Cameron Photo Shoot in 2011

Can you see the difference? Which part of her face features enhanced? As we can see, she had a very different, very distinctive nose. Her lips were also on the smaller side, and her hair colour was a natural light brown.

Based on the rumors, the procedures of Dove Cameron plastic surgery include nose job, lip injections, and cheeks filler as well.

Let’s investigate one by one whether the rumors of Dove Cameron surgery are true or not!

Dove Cameron Nose Job

Dove Cameron Nose Job Before and After

Look at the pictures comparison above! It is very clear that Dove Cameron nose looks different. Early photos of Dove show that her nose looks wide, round and bulbous. But, in “after” photos, her nose looks slimmer and better defined, indicating nice nose job.

Dove Cameron Lip Injections & Cheeks Filler

Besides rhinoplasty, she was also rumored having been under knife for lip injections. This allegation is based on Dove Cameron new lips which looks settled down a tad.

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

See her lips in “after” picture! They now look as big as Kim Kardashian’s—with filler in both the top and bottom lips.

Dove Cameron Lip Injections Before and After

Unluckily, A lot of celebrity viewers see that her lower lip looks swollen and bumpy, like duck lips plastic surgery.

Dove’s beauty evolution might not jump out at first glance, but if we look closely at before and after photos above, the change of her nose, lips, maybe even the cheeks really look unnatural.

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