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Did Lea Michele Had Nose Job?

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Lea Michele

Everyone cannot naturally have a great nose and while some celebrities will go to the extent to getting a cosmetic surgery, others couldn’t care less. Lea Michele is among those that don’t care at all.

Michele hasn’t admitted any cosmetic procedure but however, she hasn’t denied it either. This no comment attitude is part of the reason many people feel Lea Michele has undergone a plastic surgery.


Has Lea Michele had Plastic Surgery?

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The 27-year-old Glee star has been rumored to have done a surgical procedure. This is definitely one of the downsides of fame. She has been told by a talent manager to get a nose job done so she could start working.
She answered a resounding no when asked if she would consider plastic surgery in the future. She was of the opinion that any surgery could put an end to her singing career. She also stated that she may never get a procedure done, but she was perfectly okay with the idea of people making alterations to their body or face.

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Lea Michelle Nose Job

Lea Michele Nose Job
Lea Michele Nose Job

From the movie; Glee, which she acted in while she was much younger, we observed that she had a big and bulbous nose. The bump on her face was kind of an iconic feature of the face. With such obvious features, rumors have sparked because of the changes noticed on her face. And many people feel Lea Michele plastic surgery mainly includes nose job.

Lea Michele Nose Job
Lea Michele Nose Job
Lea Michele Nose Job
Lea Michele Nose Job

Michelle came out to deny speculations of a nose job which was trending on the internet at a certain time. Differences in Michelle’s before and after images have the major cause of the plastic surgery speculations. It is hard to think a person like her would eventually agree to do a procedure, the pressure on celebrities to look perfect is increasing by the day and no one can really tell how much pressure she can take.

So, did Michelle get a nose job?

You can decide that for yourself here are some pictures of Leo Michelle before and after plastic surgery. Do you think she had a nose job?


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