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Did Kylie Jenner Get a Boob Job? See This Exclusive Review!!

Kylie Jenner Before and After Boob Job

A lot of people might have been long amazed by the beauty evolution of Kylie Jenner lips, but she might have been under knife for other surgical procedure, boob job, and people almost do not know about it.

kylie jenner before and after boob job

The rumors of Kylie Jenner boob job began spreading and stealing plastic surgeon’s attention after an Instagram account posted a side-by-side of two recent photos. From those two pictures viewers see that her boobs look a whole lot bigger now.

Kylie's boob job. ?? You ain't got ta lie!! (Joy's from Friday movie voice) ??? #kyliejenner

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The photo on the left side was taken in Helloween 2016 when Kylie dressed as pop star Christina Aguilera. While the right photo was taken during a sexy bikini photo shoot just two weeks ago. You can see by yourself that Kylie Jenner new boobs clearly have enhanced twice bigger and fuller, indicating boob job.

did kylie jenner get a boob job

kylie jenner breast job

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Acording to Dr. Neal Handel, MD, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, “Kylie Jenner big boobs do not look ‘natural,’ but rather have the appearance of someone who has undergone breast augmentation. In recent photos her breasts are distinctly larger than they used to be! A photo of her wearing a black bandeau reveals an “unnatural” appearance typically associated with breast augmentation surgery,”

did kylie jenner get breast implantsdid kylie jenner get breast implants

On the other hand, a lot of plastic surgeons deeply regret Kylie Jenner boob job because she is too young, 17 years old, to get breast implants. They usually prefer to wait until the patient is older before undergoing a breast augmentation surgery in order to make sure that natural development is done. Otherwise, the breasts may continue to grow after the procedure has taken place.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner boob implants? Do her breasts look fake?

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