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Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Diane Keaton plastic surgery rumors further add many lists of middle-aged celebrities who had some beauty enhancements via plastic surgery. Many her fans were shocked hearing the news. They do could not believe if their favorite actress had been under knife to keep the ageless looks.

Diane Keaton Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos
Diane Keaton Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

The speculation of Diane Keaton plastic surgery began spreading widely and becoming hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers when some people saw her latest appearance which looked very unnatural. Since then, they suspect that the 69 years old lady has had some procedures of plastic surgery.

Has Diane Keaton Had Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton who was born on January 5, 1946 is best known as a senior actress, director, producer and screenwriter. She got the fame when she was portrayed as Theresa Dunn in Looking for Mr. Goodbar film in 1977. During her career in film industry, Diane of course has earned a lot of awards. One of the precious awards is Hollywood Film Festival in 2005 under category Lifetime Achievement Award.

Diane Keaton is not only best known for her acting, but her beautiful appearance has also attracted many people. However, when she is busy preparing for her latest miniseries project, some people wonder with appearance. They see that her face does not look like an old woman. Her face skin still appears tight and smooth, as if it is hard to see the wrinkles and saggy skin around her face.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Photos
Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Photos

Since then, there are a lot of rumors say that Diane Keaton has had some surgical procedures, so that her appearance still looks awesome for her age. Some people predict that she might have gotten a facelift which was combined with filler injection. They also noticed that the shape of her nose had also changed indicating a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. Has Diane Keaton really had plastic surgery? That is what I will share to you!

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Filler Injection

The first part of her face features which triggers the speculation of plastic surgery is how her face skin appears. Many people see that her facial skin still appears so tight and smooth without wrinkles even though she is almost 70 years old. It is very contrast to other women in her age where many of them have shown some aging signs around their face.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Facelift and Botox
Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Facelift and Botox

Looking at Diane Keaton face, they consider that the mother of two children has had facelift surgery that is possibly combined with facial filler injection like Botox, so that her appearance still looks younger and flawless. They also believe that facelift and Botox have been done very well, so that her face still looks natural, as if she does not have any cosmetic surgery procedures done on her face.

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Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery: Nose job or Rhinoplasty

The second part of her face feature that is believed to be projected via plastic surgery is her nose. Many celebrity watchers see that the shape of Diane Keaton nose now has changed a lot. They predict that the former star of Father of the Bride film has had a nose job, so that her nose now looks thinner and much better defined than she used to be.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Nose Job

According to Dr. John Di Saia, judging from the comparison between Diane Keaton before and after photos, her nose indeed has changed. Diane Keaton nose now looks slimmer, as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed by a plastic surgeon.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery: Necklift Surgery

The other procedure of plastic surgery that Diane probably had is necklift. This allegation is based on her neck which does not loose neck skin. The skin around her neck still looks as tight as her face skin. It rarely happens to other women in her age if they do not have any neck skin tightening.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After
Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Diane Keaton admit all the speculations of plastic surgery? When she was confirmed by some journalists of beauty and celebrity magazine, she strongly denied that she had taken some procedures of plastic surgery like facelift, Botox and nose job to improve her appearance. She revealed that she never thought to take these beauty surgeries. She convinced them that her appearance was still natural. What do you think?

Regardless of whether the rumors of Diane Keaton plastic surgery are true or not, there are indeed many older female actresses reportedly had some cosmetic surgery procedures to maintain their youthful appearance. Some of them also denied that they got plastic surgery like what has been done by Diane Keaton.

Let’s take a look Courtney Love plastic surgery! She also reportedly got some beauty surgeries done to keep her youthful look. The other older actresses over 60 years old who reportedly got some beauty enhancements through plastic surgery are Betty White and Barbara Eden. Both have benefited from their cosmetic surgery procedures and they become best example for good plastic surgery.

Over all, Even though Diane Keaton has not admitted her beauty surgery procedures like facelift, Botox, necklift and nose job, but a lot of people see that her ageless appearance looks unnatural for a 69-year-old woman.

Feel free to share it if you find something interesting in this post! And do not ever hesitate to speak up here whether Diane Keaton’s appearance still reflects the natural women or she really had some surgical procedures done.

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