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Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After

Roma Downey’s appearance is not like many other women in her age. Her face skin still looks amazing for a 54-year-old woman. Her face does not have a lot of aging signs, but it still appears tight and smooth. What is the secret? Does plastic surgery have main role for her youthful look? Here is the most likely answer. Let’s check them out.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After
Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After

Roma Downey’s beautiful appearance may not be denied anymore. However, the ways she manages the aging signs are still debated among celebrity watchers. Some of them predict that she had got plastic surgery to keep her face skin fresh and smooth. It is almost impossible for a 54-year-old woman to look younger if she has not got some beauty surgeries.

Comparing Courtney Love before and after photos, some plastic surgeons predict that she might have got facelift surgery and Botox injection. The aim of facelift is to pull out the sagging skin in order to look tight while the purpose of Botox is to make the facial skin look smooth.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Facelift
Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Facelift

Looking at Courtney’s facial skin, it is pretty clear that her face reflects the sign of both of plastic surgery procedures above. So, it is no wonder if she could still look younger than other women in her age.

In addition, some people think that Courtney Michelle Love does not only have facelift surgery and facial filler injection, but it is possible for her to get neck lift as well. Their allegation is based on the skin around her neck which also still looks tight.

Even though she was reported having multiple cosmetic surgery procedures, but looking at her appearance, she does not seem to go overboard with the beauty surgeries. Her appearance still looks great for her age.

In short, the rumor of Courtney Love plastic surgery may have not been confirmed yet. But, based on the comparison before and after pictures, many plastic surgery experts believe that the rumor is in fact true.

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What do you think of Courtney’s youthful appearance? Does she manage the aging signs via plastic surgery?


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