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Cosmetic Surgery Financing| Cosmetic Surgery Financing Bad Credit

For many women, the visible signs of aging are painful reminders which indicate that their lives are passing. One of the most often taken ways to eliminate the signs of aging is cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Reviews

Well, talking about the cosmetic surgery seems never able to be separated from cosmetic surgery financing. I believe that there are still some women who still do not have the available finances to pay for the expensive surgical procedures which are not covered under their insurance policy or for those people with bad credit.

Do not worry because I will give you some advices and ways how to get cosmetic surgery financing guaranteed. Let’s see below!

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Reviews

What you need to know about plastic surgery financing is that you have to know first about the cost of your cosmetic surgery and ask your doctors whether the procedures which you will take are covered by your insurance company. Therefore, choosing plastic surgeons who work directly with financing companies seems to be the best idea before you take the financing route. You can ask your surgeons whether there is possibility for you to take part in a finance or loan program!

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If you have found the surgeons, make sure that you have read all the fine print. Be careful! do not ever sign anything before you understand all the terms and conditions. There are many reputable companies available to those who are looking to their cosmetic surgery financing and there are plenty shady companies out there as well. The following is the list of plastic surgery finance companies.

Plastic Surgery Financing Companies Reviews

It offers an exceptional customer service. They usually take a bit longer to reach a loan decision because they are real person,not computer formula.

This company is best known as a company with special programs for "credit challenged" applicants and plenty of options for folks with decent credit.
Care Credit
Toll-Free: 800-677-0718
Chase Health Advance
Toll-Free: 888-519-6111
Toll-Free: 888-502-8020
Medicard Finance Inc.
Toll-Free: 888-689-9876
Toll-Free: 888-444-1025
My Medical Loan
Toll-Free: 800-788-0711
American Benefit Credit, Inc.
Toll-Free: 888-224-2729
Cosmetic Surgery Financing
Toll-Free: 888-405-8140
Med Loan
Toll-Free: 800-504-4053
Fax: 800-555-8122
PFS Patient Finance
Toll-Free: 888-737-3679
Phone: 908-754-2500
Fax: 908-754-9192

Cosmetic Surgery Financing People with Bad Credit

What happens if  you have bad credit? Financing companies usually analyze whether the patients are able to make payments in a timely manner or not and they will also see the patients’ credit score. It has to be noted that “fair credit” is usually considered 620 and above. The companies usually reject CareCredit with a score of 569. See the picture below!

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Bad Credit
Credit Picture:

According to Dr. Salama as quoted by, some companies will still offer cosmetic surgery financing with bad credit depending on the terms and conditions which are released by financing companies. It means that there are still viable solutions for those patients who dream to have surgery though with bad credit.

 “Depending on what terms they provide, there are viable solutions and resources for these patients to have surgery and peace of mind that their financing will not be overwhelming,”

One thing that should be remembered for cosmetic surgery financing people with bad credit is that the patients do not need to apply for half the money at two different companies even though there is big chance for it. If the patients do this way, their credit score will drop a bit when they apply for their first loan and it will make harder to be approved for the second. This is done to protect them from digging themselves into financial hole that they can’t get out of, and to protect the banks or financing companies from taking a hit.

If you have a bad credit, just consider to find a co-signer. Some companies usually let you apply for financing with a joint applicant. To convince the financing companies, you can ask help from your friend or family member with good credit.

Conclusion, the most important thing which the patients of cosmetic surgery should take note when it comes to financing, is taking the time to consider all the cosmetic surgery financing options, terms and conditions of financing companies where you apply for your cosmetic surgery financing. After all, plastic surgery financing companies will give you loans for your cosmetic surgery procedures.


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