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Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christina Ricci plastic surgery lately becomes the center of attention for many celebrity viewers. Some people notice that her appearance looks a bit different than she used to. They see that there are at least two improvements on her appearance. They are the shape of nose and Christina Ricci breast size. But, is that true if her beauty enhancement is gained through plastic surgery?

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Born on 12th February 1980 Christina Ricci began her actress career since she was a child precisely at the age of 10 years old. Like many other celebrities, she also can not be free from gossip or rumors.

The latest rumor says that she has been under knife to improve her appearance. And public apparently believe that the rumor of Christina Ricci plastic surgery is in fact true moreover there are several before and after photos uploaded on internet which show some differences of her appearance. It makes them increasingly believe that the rumors were true.

The first fact of Christina Ricci plastic surgery is the possibilities for her to get nose job. This allegation can be proven from her new nose which looks  thinner than before as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed by plastic surgeon.

Christina Ricci Nose Job Before and After
Christina Ricci Nose Job Before and After

According to Dr. David Shafer, based on the comparison between Christina Ricci before and after photos, she looks like must have had a rhinoplasty surgery. The surgeon said that her new nose shape looked prettier than before and it did not appear to be overdone.

In addition, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon, said that Christina Ricci nose indeed reflected a rhinoplasty surgery result. The tip and angle of her nose appeared to be more defined by her surgeon. Salzhauer also claimed that her nose looked very great and sophisticated after having been under knife.

The second fact of Christina Ricci plastic surgery is the possibility for her to get breast reduction. The fact is based on her breast size which looks smaller than before.

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Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before and After
Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before and After

The rumor of Christina Ricci boob job began spreading since she starred The Sleepy Hollow film in which she appeared with small cup size. It is almost contradiction to her previous breast size which looks a little bit big and full.

What Ricci had done for her cup size is different with most of actresses did. Commonly, celebrities try to add the volume of their breast via breast implant, but Ricci apparently chooses the different beauty surgery. She decided to get her breast size reduced.

When she was confirmed to give any statement regarding to the plastic surgery speculation, she just openly admitted that she had only had nose job, but she strongly denied if her cup size was reduced.

In short, regardless of whether Christina Ricci has had breast reduction or not, her appearance now looks much prettier than before. Looking at her gorgeous appearance, many people and plastic surgeon claim that Christina Ricci plastic surgery has been done well by her plastic surgeon.


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