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Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Celine Dion who is best known as a Canadian singer lately becomes hot topic of discussion in several forums. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

Celine Dion Before and After Plastic Surgery
Celine Dion Before and After Plastic Surgery

According to the rumors, Celine Dion plastic surgery procedures include Botox injections, a rhinoplasty or nose job, eyelid surgery, skin treatments and many other beauty enhancements.

Judging from the comparison between before and after pictures, the 45-year-old singer now appears with much different than she used to. Celine Dion nose looks smaller and narrower. It can be an indication of nose job which was done conservatively.

On the other hand, Celine’s eyelids also appear to be a little bit lifted than before. It may be the sign of blepharoplasty.

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Pictures
Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Pictures

Dr. Paul S. Nassif revealed that it seemed to be hard to see the sign of plastic surgery in Celine Dion’s appearance because she still appears naturally good.

However, Dr. David Shafer is a bit in doubt if the Canadian singer is totally free from plastic surgery procedure. There is possibility for her to have at least mini plastic surgery. The surgeon’s allegation is based on her forehead which still looks great without wrinkles though her age is nearly half of century.

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After
Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After

Looking at Dion’s forehead, Dr. Shafer predicts that she could have at least Botox injections because her forehead looks so smooth compared to the “before” pictures. Her eyebrows also appear slightly wider apart.

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In addition, Dr. Jennifer Walden adds that Celine Dion plastic surgery does not only include Botox injection, but she possibly has nose job and eyelid surgery as well. Nonetheless, the doctor admits that her appearance in the age of 45 years still looks radiant.

Regardless of whether the rumors of Celine Dion plastic surgery are true or not, her appearance indeed still looks too great for her age. She does not have a lot of aging signs on her face. She also has nice nose and pretty eyes.

What do you think of Celine’s ageless appearance? Does she look like having some cosmetic surgery procedures done? Or she possibly has excellent makeup artists who have helped her in enhancing appearance, so that she can still look so wonderful though her age is not young anymore.

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