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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

What more can you say about Heidi Montag's plastic surgery obsession? A lot of viewers have known that she underwent 10 procedures of cosmetic surgery in one day. It is very extreme way! Related: Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery However, some sources recently tells us that she regrets all the procedures of her beauty surgery. Why? [...]

John Travolta Oj Simpson

John Travolta plastic surgery has made headlines in recent years. He reportedly has done some procedures of cosmetic surgery such as facelift and botox injection. This allegation is based on his appearance which looks too great for a 61-year-old man. Did John Travolta Have Plastic Surgery? The rumors of John Travolta face plastic began spreading [...]

Courteney Cox Arquette

What happened to Courtney Cox's face? That is the most often asked question when people see her appearance. The former star of the NBC sitcom Friends now looks unrecognizable because she now appears with puffy cheeks. Looking at her shocking transformation, a lot of people predict that Courteney Cox seemed getting more plastic surgery done [...]

Tom Cruise Face Swap

A lot of people recently ask what happened to Tom Cruise face at BAFTAs. They see that his face has changed and does not look as handsome as before. His face now appears puffy and frozen. This makes the fans wonder and are afraid if the actor became the victim of bad Botox like what [...]

Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Lately, a lot of people especially celebrities began to be tempted to get plastic surgery to improve their appearance image. But unfortunately, not all celebrity plastic surgery goes according to their expectations. Indeed, there are many celebrities look more beautiful after getting plastic surgery, but not a few of them also look ugly even awful  [...]

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery reportedly almost destroys her appearance because she now looks much different than she used to be. As a Christian speaker she of course often appears in front of people. And it is not wonder, if some of them see the changes in her appearance. This seems to be the beginning of [...]

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery

Jacklyn Zeman is lately being talked by many people. It is all because her appearance which now looks a little bit weird and even looks unrecognizable. Some people are wondering what happens to her, so that she does not look as beautiful as she used to. There are a lot of speculations regarding Zeman’s appearance. [...]

Nicki Minaj After Plastic Surgery

There are a lot of Nicki Minaj before and after pictures are uploaded on internet. This makes some her fans wonder if she has really has had some procedures of plastic surgery done like many celebrity watchers are talking about. They think that she indeed can do everything with her money including having cosmetic surgery. [...]

Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery

Beth Holloway previously might have stolen public attention for her effort in finding her daughter, Natalee, who reportedly went missing during a high school graduation journey to Aruba in 2005. However, her name lately steals public attention again. It is not dealing with the continuation of the loss of her daughter's news, but it deals [...]

Catwoman Plastic Surgery

The Catwoman Plastic Surgery or Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery has been becoming hot topic of discussion for years. There are many people are still wondering about what type of plastic surgery procedures she had and how she looks now after being reported getting worst plastic surgery. It has to be noted that Jocelyn Wildenstein earned [...]