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Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before And After

It seems that Hollywood celebrities are always associated with something controversial. One of the most trending topics that relates to them is plastic surgery. The latest news report that a multi talented actress who was born on 26th April 1933 in San Antonia, Texas has been under knife to maintain her beautiful appearance.

Carol Burnett Before and After Plastic Surgery
Carol Burnett Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Carol Burnett Had Plastic Surgery?

Living with her grandmother, she ran unhappy life as her parents got divorced. Starting her performance on screen she then performed herself In New York city clubs. Afterwards, her career seemed to be brighter.  Known as a singer, actress, comedian and dancer as well, she was then rumored to have plastic surgery like other celebrities did.

Carol Burnett herself admitted that she had some type of beauty surgeries when she was young. She told that she was unhappy with her chin and it made her feel uncomfortable and unconfident. That’s why she decided to enhance her chin via plastic surgery, and it was the first surgery procedure she did.

What Are Other Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Procedures?

If we see at before and after photos, her face is free-wrinkles and no sagging skin, really looks tight, fresh, and smooth as if she is still 40s whereas her age is almost 81 years old. Commonly, 81-year-old women will have plenty of aging signs around their face. But, what we see on Carol Burnett’s face, it is very hard to find the wrinkles there.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After
Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Looking at her unnatural appearance, some people predict that she did not only have chin surgery like she had told, but she optionally got other surgical procedures done. They can be facelift, Botox injection, and other anti aging treatments.

Facial surgery seems to be the common thing for 50-year-old actresses. Their face usually begins having some wrinkles and sagging skin when their age has reached more than 50 years old. To those who take surgery plastic procedures like Botox injections usually expect that they can still look young though their age is not young anymore. Nevertheless, not all of celebrities whose beauty surgeries admit their plastic surgery, some of them sometime hide their surgical procedures from their fans.

A good thing that public appreciate to Carol Burnett plastic surgery is that she openly admitted if she had been under knife to keep her youthful appearance even though she did not tell in detail what type of plastic surgery she had taken. She said that all cosmetic surgery procedures she has taken over the years are indeed for her self improvement. She is content yet happy of being different and more confident during her long acting career. Her cosmetic surgery has successfully kept her as beautiful a woman at her 81-year-old age.

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