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By2 Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The rumors of By2 plastic surgery have been stealing many public attentions. Although the singing duo from Singapore has denied all the speculations, but before and after photos uploaded on internet show that there are very noticeable changes on their appearance.

By2 Plastic Surgery: Fact or Hoax?

By2 Before and After Plastic Surgery Judging from the comparison between By 2 before and after pictures, there are indeed several changes in their appearance. Based on those changes, some people predict that By2 plastic surgery procedures seemed to include double eyelid surgery, jaw surgery and nose job. These allegations are based on the changes on their eyes, jawbone and the shape of their nose. Three of their face features now look much different than several years ago.

By2 Plastic Surgery: Double eyelid Surgery

By2 Plastic Surgery Before and After Images The comparison between By2 before and after photos went viral in some social media. There are a lot of their fans are talking about the possibilities for them to get plastic surgery.

One of the very noticeable changes is on their eyes which are believed turning into larger than before. The netizens believed that it was as the result of blepharoplasty.

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By2 Plastic Surgery Procedures: Nose Job and Jaw Surgery

Besides eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty becomes other procedure of plastic surgery which is most often taken by Asian women. And, looking at the change on this Singaporean duo singer’s nose, they seemed to have done the nose job. Many people see that their nose especially the nasal bridge now looks unnaturally higher than before. They believe that it was made up through rhinoplasty. Commonly, Asian women have small and flat nose including this duo singer, Miko and Yumi.

By2 Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures Meanwhile, the sign of jaw surgery can be seen from the shape of their jawbone which now looks sharper than their first debut. Some people predict that it was as the effect of orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery).

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What do you think about the rumors of By2 plastic surgery? Do you believe that they have had some work done to transform their appearance? Feel free to share this post and your comments if you find something interesting in it!

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