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Brie Larson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Brie Larson becomes one of the hottest topics of discussion recently in several forums due to Oscar 2016 winning as the best actress. It is said that her role in Room film 2015 has brought her to the top of her fame. She must be very pleased and grateful after having won the award.

Brie Larson Plastic Surgery Nose Job

However, there are unpleasant rumors saying that she was reported having had some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. These rumors began spreading after some people or haters found the before and after photos on internet.

Did Brie Larson Get Plastic Surgery?

Based on the rumors, the procedure of Brie Larson plastic surgery included rhinoplasty or it is best known as nose job. However, the truth of this allegation is still unproven because the actress herself apparently does not have desire to discuss about it.

So, is there any difference between Brie Larson before and after photos uploaded on internet? Let’s see!

Judging from the comparison between before and after pictures, it is clear that the shape of Brie Larson’s nose indeed looks a bit different. We can see in the “before picture”, her nose looks a little bit wide with a bump at the tip. While in the “after picture”, it appears smaller and the bump at the tip seemed to disappear.

Brie Larson Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty

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Looking at the difference between the shape of her nose in “before and after pics”, some people concluded that she could have been under knife for nose job. But, not a few of Brie Larson’s fans claimed that it was just an effect of makeup.

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Regardless of whether the rumor of Brie Larson plastic surgery is true or not, nose job itself is not something taboo anymore for celebrities, actors and actresses. Many of them are also reported having this cosmetic surgery procedure to fix a breathing problem and not a few of celebrities nose jobs are for aesthetic reason.

Are there other surgical procedures owned by Brie Larson? It is hard to see other sign of plastic surgery except on her nose. It means that she might only have a nose job. Nonetheless, I hope that she can still keep her beauty naturally without any additional procedure of cosmetic surgery in the future. She is still young and everything can happen to her if she becomes an addict of plastic surgery.

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What do you think about the rumors of Brie Larson’s nose job? Did she really look like having been under knife for rhinoplasty?

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