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Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Some people may wonder why the former of news anchor, Bree Walker, looks so weird. Since then, there are a lot of speculations about the cause of her bad appearance. One of the most talked is that she had become a victim of plastic surgery.

Based on some reports that I read, she did reportedly get bad plastic surgery so that her appearance can look so horrible now. Let’s take a look the comparison between Bree Walker before and after pictures below, her appearance does not look as beautiful as when she was young.

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After
Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, if she really had some cosmetic surgery procedures done on her face, the big question is what kind of beauty surgeries did she have? Some plastic surgeons predict that she apparently got excessive facelift surgery combined with too much Botox injection. They also predict that it is possible for her to get brow lift and many other surgical procedures.

Facelift Surgery and Botox Injection seem to be two of common plastic surgery procedures. There are many middle-age actresses reportedly get those beauty enhancement surgeries to get rid of the aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin around the face.

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Looking at Bree Walker’s face, it is very clear that her face is close to the sign of facelift and Botox injection. Unfortunately, she goes overboard with those surgical procedures. As a result, her appearance does not look better, but she now looks so horrible.

Besides facelift and filler injection, some plastic surgeons also believe that she possibly has gotten browlift and lip augmentation.  The sign of a forehead lift surgery can be seen from her brow’s position which looks a little bit elevated up. While the sign of Bree Walker’s lip filler injection can be seen from the shape of her lips which now look augmented.

Even though the speculations of Bree Walker plastic surgery have become hot topic of discussion in various forums, there is no an official statement from her.

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Nevertheless, Bree Walker is not the only victims of plastic surgery. There are still many celebrities in Hollywood who look bad after getting some plastic surgery procedures done. Let’s take a look at Melanie Griffith and Lark Voorhies. Both of those actresses have been reported having plastic surgery gone wrong like Bree Walker.

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