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Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are few of celebrities who openly spoke in front of public concerning their plastic surgery they have undertaken. Moreover they had plastic surgery gone wrong. One of those celebrities who bravely admitted having plastic surgery  is Big Ang. She reportedly had some cosmetic surgery procedures to improve her appearance in her old age. How well was Big Ang plastic surgery?

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After
Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After

Unlike many celebrities who hide their surgical procedures, Big Ang openly admitted that she had some beauty surgeries to manage the aging signs on her appearance. As result, her face does not have plenty of frown lines though her age is not young anymore.

After having been interviewed by Radaronline volunteers, she stated that she was happy and got along with that artificial surgery even though there are many people see that she has gone too far with the surgical procedures. She even plans to have additional cosmetic surgery procedures, neck lift, to get rid of the sagging skin around her neck.

she would like to have her neck lifted because it’s starting to get a little old looking. She got to look as young as possible. She is over everything else honestly. She thinks just that thing and like her eyelids are things that are necessarily. She’d love to do the top of her eyes and her neck at the same time. Be done and then that’s it. “

Big Ang indeed has not gone to plastic surgeon for her additional plastic surgery procedures because she is still having a consultation a few months before everything gets ready.

Although her appearance now looks weird, but she does not feels worry at all for her decision to have such extreme beauty surgery. Big Ang has her own reason saying why she had to go back and forth to plastic surgeon clinic as it was quoted below.

 “I would like 90 % of the world has had plastic surgery. If you need it, you will get it. If you don’t need it , that means God bless you.”

Big Ang Breast Implant Before and After
Big Ang Breast Implant Before and After

In the past, Big Ang had taken breast implant, liposuction Smartlipo laser treatment on her arms, tummy tuck, Botox injections as well as lip augmentation. From those series of beauty surgeries, lips filler injection is one of surgery procedures which has gone wrong. Nevertheless, she does not feel worry with her weird look, but she even feels so happy for having them done.

In addition, she told that she had boob job when she had her first daughter, approximately twenty years ago. At that time, her daughter was a three-month-old age. Still, many people think that Big Ang breast size is too big for her body frame as if her cup size will explode.

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If we take a look at Big Ang before and after photos, we can see how plastic surgery have maintained her youthful look. The only surgery procedure that has not worked well on her appearance is lips augmentation. Big Ang lips now look  a little bit  plumped so that it looks unnatural.

What do you think about Big Ang plastic surgery? Does she look like having bad plastic surgery? Never hesitate to share this post if you find it interesting.


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