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Betty White Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Everyone may not believe if Betty White is already 88 years old because her appearance still looks like a 50-year-old woman. What is the secret of her ageless look? Some people speculate if the veteran actress has gotten plastic surgery to maintain the youthful appearance. So that she can always look young and attractive.

Has Betty White Had Plastic Surgery

Having a youthful look in 88-year-old age seems to become unusual thing for many women in general. However, it does not apply to senior actress Betty White. She still looks awesome and beautiful though her age is no longer young. Her face does not show many wrinkles but it still appears tight and smooth.

Betty White Before and After Pictures
Betty White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Looking at Betty’s face skin, she seems to have gotten facelift and brow lift. The sign of these surgical procedures can be seen from her forehead which appears smooth without wrinkles.

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, the former star of Annie’s Point film obviously had facelift surgery and it is also possible for her to get brow lift. The surgeon sees that her appearance is overall very natural. It may be the result of conservative plastic surgery.

Betty White Plastic Surgery Pictures
Betty White Plastic Surgery Pictures

On the contrary, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer revealed that there was no sign of plastic surgery in Betty’s appearance. The smooth skin in the recent photos may be as the effect of creative makeup. However, if the rumor of Betty White plastic surgery is indeed true, she might get brow lift because she has arch nice brow now.

Since she was reported to have earned cosmetic surgery procedures done, she had never given any statement against the speculation of plastic surgery that is addressed to her. Nonetheless, some people already believe that Betty’s youthful appearance is as a result of a facelift and brow lift.

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