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Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery Before And After

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Beth Holloway previously might have stolen public attention for her effort in finding her daughter, Natalee, who reportedly went missing during a high school graduation journey to Aruba in 2005. However, her name lately steals public attention again. It is not dealing with the continuation of the loss of her daughter’s news, but it deals with the possibility for her to get plastic surgery.

Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery Before And After
Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery Before And After

The speculation of Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery began to become hot topic of discussion among people when she appeared in reality TV show, which tells unsolved criminal cases, with a little bit different appearance. Many people who saw the reality show wonder what was happening to her, so that she could look so different than she used to.

Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Judging from the comparison between Beth Holloway before and after pictures, her appearance does look much different than before. Many people consider that Natalee Holloway mother now looks a little bit freaky.

Looking at the comparison photos above, some plastic surgeons find something different on her nose and lips. They see that her lips now look a little bit swollen and trout pout. They predict that it may be caused by too much lips injection. If the rumor of Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery is indeed true, they do not understand why she could be so careless with plastic surgery procedures. They think that without cosmetic surgery her appearance has already looked beautiful and charming.

Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery Nose
Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery Nose

The other part of face features of Beth Twitty which is suspected to be enhanced through plastic surgery is her nose. Some people see that the shape of Beth Holloway nose now looks a little bit different than before. They speculate that she does not only have lip augmentation, but she seems to have nose job (rhinoplasty surgery) as well.

The sign of Beth Holloway nose job can be seen from her latest nose which looks slimmer than before. The tip of her nose also looks much better defined than it used to be. Some plastic surgeons see that the nasal bridge seems to be narrowed, so that her nose now can look thinner with straighter tip.

What is the response of Natalee Holloway mother toward the speculation of plastic surgery addressed to her? Did she admit or deny all the rumors? Since this post was published, there are not any statements from her. Beth Twitty always keeps silent as if she does not care about the speculation.

What do you think about the rumor of Beth Holloway Plastic Surgery? Does her latest appearance look like as the result of plastic surgery? Feel free to share your comments if you find it interesting!

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