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Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many people are lately talking about Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery. They see that his appearance looks unnatural. His face skin still looks tight and smooth whereas his age is already 43 years old. Many of them believe that the comedian has had some cosmetic surgery procedures done. Well, if the speculation of Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery is true, what type of beauty surgery did he have?

Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on the comparison between before and after pictures, the 43-year-old comedian has some enhancements on his appearance. Let’s see at the shape of his nose! He previously had a large nose, but it now seems to be better defined than before. Even though the change is very soft, but it is still visible if his nose has changed. It can indicate that he has been under knife for conservative nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

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The other sign of Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery can be seen from his face skin which still appears so smooth and tight, as if his face does not show aging signs. Many plastic surgeons speculate if the comedian has gotten Botox injections as it is revealed by Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden below.

“Considering Ben Stiller’s nose looks to have the same proportions it had 10 years ago and does not seem to have changed much in size, I think he may have had a very conservative rhinoplasty, if at all. Similarly, it’s difficult to tell if he has had an otoplasty or ear pinning because his hair covers the majority of his ears. He may have had Botox injections to maintain smooth skin.”

Besides nose job and Botox injections, Ben also has reportedly had an otoplasty. Many plastic surgery experts see that majority of his ears are now covered by his hair. According to Dr. David Shafer, Manhattan plastic surgeon, Ben Stiller’s appearance indeed looks much better than he used to be. The surgeon claims that it could be the result of plastic surgery procedures.

Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery Pictures
Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery Pictures

Nevertheless, not all plastic surgeons agree if Ben Stiller has got some cosmetic surgery procedures done. Some of them think that he is still natural without any surgical procedures done as it was told by Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston.

 “In my opinion it does not look like Ben Stiller has had any plastic surgery.  He looks like he has taken good care of his skin, and exercises regularly.”

On the other hand, Dr. Paul S. Nassif also reveals that the 43-year-old comedian still looks to be aging naturally and gracefully without any help from plastic surgeon.

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Well, there are a lot of disputes about Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery. Some plastic surgeons do believe if his appearance reflected as the result of beauty surgery. But, not a few of them claim that Ben is still natural without plastic surgery.

Regardless of whether he has been under knife or not, I think that whatever he has done for his appearance is right as long as the result looks excellent and makes him look more handsome.

What do you think about the speculation of Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery? Did he really have some cosmetic surgery procedures done? Or Did he really age naturally without plastic surgery?

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