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Bella Hadid Nose Job Before And After

The beauty evolution of the model and social media star Bella Hadid has been long stealing public attention. She was rumored to have undergone a plastic surgery to boost her look.


A lot of viewers notice that one of the prominent change in Bella Hadid’s face features is the shape of her nose. Many of them assume that Bella Hadid nose now looks a little bit different than before, it looks thinner and better defined.

Did Bella Hadid Have Nose Job?

Bella Hadid was first caught our attention at the 2014 American Music Awards. Then the same thing happened when she showed up at this year’s Met Ball. Her appearance, particularly her nose, looks much prettier than previous years.

Bella Hadid Nose Job

Since then, a lot of viewers tried to compare some pictures between Bella Hadid before nose job with the recent ones. And what they found was pretty surprising… let’s take a closer look!

bella hadid nose job before and after pictures

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bella hadid nose job before and after

Can you see the difference? Does the new shape of Gigi nose look like the result of rhinoplasty?

Actually there is nothing wrong with Bella Hadid nose, but it is clear by now that this is not at all the same one she has today. The shape of her nose now looks much better defined than before.

Look at the tip of her nose! It was shortened, so that it now looks strangely bony.

gigi hadid nose job before and after

bella hadid nose before and after

Looking at the new shape of Gigi nose, I suspect there is cosmetic surgery interventions, nose job. Her nose is not tiny, but definitely refined.

Overall, The rumor of Bella Hadid nose job still remain unconfirmed, but her nose has turned out to be an excellent.

What do you think of Gigi nose job rumors? Did she really look like getting nose job?

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