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8 Bad Plastic Surgery Duck Lips Pics

It is not secret anymore that a lot of celebrities prefer to take the short and instant way (plastic surgery) in enhancing their look in order to always appear attractive.

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One of plastic surgery procedures which now becomes a trend among celebrities is lips injection. The aim of this procedure is to change the shape of lips in order to look sexy or to eliminate the pout of the lips by changing the curve of the lip corners permanently.

Unluckily, not all celebrity plastic surgeries ended well. There are several celebrities look weird even awful after getting some work done in their face. The followings are 8 women who were reported having bad plastic surgery lips.

Bad Plastic Surgery Duck Lips Pics

1. Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Botched has wrecked his career and life. The pop star reportedly had several cosmetic procedures done on his face. Unluckily, the result was not as expected. His lips looked augmented or swollen, indicating too much lips filler injection.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Botched

2. Gail Scott

Gail Scott is best known as a swimwear model. She reportedly had bad plastic surgery lips by sucking into hairspray lid. But unfortunately, instead of getting sexy lips like Kylie Jenner’s lips, her lips even left with severe bruising.

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Bad Plastic Surgery Big Lips

3.  Brittany Forster

Bad Plastic Surgery Duck Lips

The other woman who dream having a Kylie Jenner-worthy pout is Brittany Forster, the student from Perth, Australia.  She reportedly had “bottle lips” and had gone viral after her effort to enhance her lips went horribly wrong. Watch the following video!

4. Priscilla Caputo Bad Plastic Surgery Lips

Priscilla Caputo is best known as an Aspiring model. She reportedly used collagen lip injections to improve her looks and help her modeling career. However, her lips seemed to get too much filler injection, so that they look like a duck lips now.

Bad Plastic Surgery Before And After

As the story goes, she finally decided to stop using collagen lip injections and eventually went into therapy because she realized that what she did has made her an internet joke almost overnight and made her depressed.

5. Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

People know Farrah Abraham is as an American reality television personality. The rumor of her beauty surgery became viral after having her breasts increased from a size C to a size D in 2013.

Farrah Abraham Bad Plastic Surgery Lips Before and After

But Farrah Abraham’s recently revealed on Twitter that her plastic surgery lips had gone wrong. Her top lip, which is pink and swollen, appear 10 times larger than her lower lip. Therefore, she had to check into the emergency room once again.

6. Laura Summers

The model Laura Summers was reported having spent £60,000 on procedures. Even though she has spent much money for her look, but she even looks horrible now.

Bad Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Instead of having sexily plump lips, they now look ballooned to four times their normal size.Instead of having sexily plump lips, they now look ballooned to four times their normal size.

7. Hannah Costayer

Plastic Surgery Lips Gone Wrong

Hannah Costayer previously was a pretty woman. But, after having bad plastic surgery lips, her appearance now looks weird. Her lips turned into swollen and became lumpy.

8. Yrja As Baldvinsdottir

Bad Plastic Surgery Big Lips Before And After

Like Brittany Forster, Yrja Ás Baldvinsdottir and her sister Birgitta Ás are two women who keen to get a Kylie Jenner-esqu pout, Yrja’s lips became lumpy after she put her lips into a plastic bottle and then sucked the air out.

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Those are 8 women who undergo a bad plastic surgery big lips. Hopefully, their experience can give you a valuable lesson before deciding to have a plastic surgery.

Indeed, the more beautiful woman’s lips, the more beautiful her smile. However, to obtain the beautiful lips via plastic surgery is high risk if we do not have deep knowledge about lips surgery. Therefore, consulting to a plastic surgeon become a wise solution if you really need to improve the shape of your lips.

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