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Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

There are many disputes about Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery. Some people consider that the rumor is a fact. But on the contrary, she herself defends on the allegation of plastic surgery as it was reported by huffingtonpost. Which one is true? Did Ashley Tisdale have plastic surgery?

According to people magazine, the former star of High School Musical has been under knife for nose job to correct a deviated septum and to refine the shape of her nose. Look at the shape of her new nose. It appears with no bumps at the tip.

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job
Ashley Tisdale Nose Job Before and After

The disputes of Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery is not only dealing with whether she has got nose job or not, but she is also reported for having breast augmentation. Since then, there are a lot of people try to compare between before and after pictures. As a result, they found that her breast size does look different. Ashley Tisdale breast size looks bigger and fuller than before. However, I cannot define whether it is as the result of boob job or not because the change is very subtle. It can be also as the effect of using push up bra.

Nevertheless, based on the comparison between before and after pictures, some people strongly believe if Ashley Tisdale plastic surgery breast is a fact. They think that she may deny all the plastic surgery allegations, but before and after photos cannot hide plastic surgery facts.

Ashley Tisdale Breast Implants
Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery Breast

Nose job and breast augmentation (boob job or breast implants) are not something new anymore for many actresses in Hollywood. There are many of them reportedly got these surgical procedures to enhance their appearance. Let’s see how Keira Knightley enhances her nose through a rhinoplasty surgery. Her nose now looks much better than before. The other actress who reportedly got breast augmentation is Angelina Jolie.

In short, the rumor of Ashley Tisdale Plastic Surgery is probably still debated among plastic surgeon. But, one thing that I can see on her appearance is that she now looks much more beautiful than she used to be.

What do you think of Ashley Tisdale’s transformation? Does she look like having cosmetic surgery procedures done? Please share your reviews here!

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