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Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Everyone must have been familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous American actor. Many people are now talking about him. It is not dealing with his new film, but it is all because of plastic surgery allegation. Yeah, he reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures done to enhance his appearance.

However, the rumor truth of Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery is still being debated among plastic surgeons. Some plastic surgery experts believe that he has been under knife, but not a few of his fans consider that the plastic surgery allegation addressed to him is just a rumor. Which one is true?

Has Arnold Schwarzenegger Had Plastic Surgery?

Has Arnold Schwarzenegger Had Plastic Surgery
Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Pictures

Many people may not believe if his age is already 67 years old because his appearance still looks fresh and ageless. Many of them are wondering about the way he maintains his youthful appearance. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger have plastic surgery? That’s what we will discuss together here. Let’s see!

Based on the comparison between Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgery pictures, his face indeed looks too great for a 67-year-old man. He does not have a lot of wrinkles around his face. It still appears tight and smooth.

If we look at the comparison of pictures above, he seemed to have facelift surgery which was possibly combined with Botox injection. Let’s take a look at his forehead and the whole skin around his face! There are not many visible aging signs on his face. Generally, 60-year-old men’s face will show the sagging skin or other frown lines as the natural process of aging. But unluckily, we cannot see them on Schwarzenegger’s face.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Before and After
Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facelift and Botox injection themselves are not something new for middle-age celebrities. Many of them are reported having the two of cosmetic surgery procedures. Facelift surgery and Botox are aimed to eliminate the aging signs and to make the face skin look tight and smooth, so that the patients will always have ageless look even though their age is not young anymore.

The other sign of Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery can be seen from his neck and chin. Both of the part of his body has apparently been enhanced as well. Some plastic surgeons predict that he may get neck lift and chin implant.

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Let’s see the skin around his neck! It still appears as tight as his face skin. If he has not his neck enhanced, he should have sagging skin around the neck. But in fact, his neck skin is still tight. It can be true if he has been under knife for neck lit surgery.

On the other hand, if we pay attention carefully on his chin, it still appears sharp which has made better balance to the facial features. Looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger chin makes us believe if he has gotten chin implant or chin augmentation to make his youthful look perfect.

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