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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Breast Implants

Many people are now talking about Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery. They think that the former Disney star has changed a lot especially her appearance. There are many speculations dealing with what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures she has had. Some people say that she has been under knife for nose job and breast augmentation.

Did Anne Hathaway Have Plastic Surgery?

The rumor of Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery began spreading after she had appeared in a popular television sitcom Get Smart. Many people saw that her appearance in that television sitcom looked much different than she used to. They found that there were many changes on her. Were the changes as the effect of plastic surgery? Let’s see!

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before and After
Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on the comparison between Anne Hathaway before and after pictures her appearance now indeed looks different especially the shape of her nose and breast. Looking at the changes on her nose and cup size, it looks like as the result of nose job and boob job. Let’s identify one by one!

Anne Hathaway Nose Job (Rhinoplasty Surgery)

If we look at her nose between Anne Hathaway before plastic surgery with the recent ones, her nose does look slimmer and much better defined at the tip. The shape of her new nose looks different than before.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Look at the before picture! Her nose looks big and thick. Such nose change is only able to be made through nose job (rhinoplasty surgery). Therefore, I believe that she has gotten nose job to make the shape of her thick nose look better as we can see now.

Anne Hathaway Breast Augmentation

The other part of her body that triggers the speculation of plastic surgery is Anne Hathaway Breast size. Many people say that her cup size now looks bigger than before. Does it mean that she has been under knife for breast implants? It can be true and false remembering her age is still young. The change of her breast size may be as the effect of growth period.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Are only nose job and breast augmentation that she has had? No, a lot of celebrity watchers see that she did not only have a rhinopasty surgery and boob job, but they found that her lips looked very plump. They predict that it may be as the effect of lips filler injection.

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Those are the possible cosmetic surgery procedures that she has gotten. Some people may find other surgical procedures that she has done except above.

What do you think of Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery? Does she really look like having nose job, lips filler injection, and breast augmentation?

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