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Anne Hathaway Nose Job – Before and After

Who is Anne Hathaway?

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Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is beautiful American actress who is 32 years of age and popular for role in the 1999 TV series “Get Real”. She got her major breakthrough after the Mia Thermopolis in the Princess Diaries, a remarkable Disney movie. Her more recent roles include Fatine in Les Miserabls and Selina in The Dark Knight Rises.

Did Anne Hathaway undergo Plastic Surgery?

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Unlike several other celebrities who messed up their appearance in the quest to improve it, Anne Hathaway can say she successfully pulled it off. There are several rumors claiming that she has done multiple surgeries including nose job and breast implants. She looks amazing after the procedures although she looks different than she did before the surgeries.

Anne Hathaway Nose Job

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When talking about Anne Hathaway’s cosmetic procedures, her nose job is usually the first thing that calls to mind. Her nose use to have a more bulbous tip and a thicker ridge; it is different now. Americans generally, have this obsession for a perfect nose which makes nose jobs or rhinoplasty easily one of the top five most done procedures in America. More so, the facts that the nose job is one of the least invasive, people seem to be willing to try it out. Anne Hathaway’s nose now looks thinner and better fitted with the face.

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If it is true that she actually went under the knife, her surgeon definitely did an amazing job. She is yet to give any comment on whether or not she had her nose done but it doesn’t really matter, I think the difference is clear.
Nose jobs are quite delicate and must be done without errors; else the patient will be left with an artificial look for the rest of his/her life – again, remember Michael Jackson? For Anne, there was no sign of overdoing it which made it look amazing. Though Anne Hathaway has never admitted to a nose job, her before and now pictures shows the proof.

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Anne is a naturally beautiful woman and whether or not the rumors are true, she looks amazing. Women are always under pressure to look their best and the pressure is even more on the celebrities. That is the reason why most celebrities like Anne Hathaway might be willing to go under the knife. While we await more amazing roles from Anne, what do you think of Anne Hathaway plastic surgery rumors?

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