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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After

Recently, many people are shocked by Anna Faris’ transformation. They see that her appearance has changed a lot. What happens to her? Some people think that her transformation is as the result of plastic surgery. Their allegation seems to be reasonable because plastic surgery itself is not something new anymore for celebrities in Hollywood. They reportedly take this beauty surgery to enhance their appearance and to boost their confidence.

There are many stories dealing with celebrity plastic surgery. Some celebrities may get best result, but not a few of them reportedly look worse after having some surgical procedures done. How about Anna Faris Plastic Surgery? Does she look worse after being under knife? Let’s see!

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Some celebrities may have regretted to get plastic surgery because their appearance does not look as what they hope, but they even look bad after having some surgical procedures done. However, Anna Faris Plastic Surgery seems to be done very well, so that her appearance now looks more beautiful than before.

If the rumor of Anna Faris Plastic Surgery is really true, the big question is what type of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have? Here is the answer.

Based on the comparison between Anna Faris before and after pictures, she seems to have some changes on the parts of her body such as face, lips, and breast size. Now, let’s observe together one by one.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Breast

Anna Faris breast size does look different than she used to. Many people who see the transformation predict that she possibly had boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation) done, so that her breast size can look different. Let’s see the comparison between before and after photos below then find by yourself whether her cup size changes look like as the result of boob job.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Breast
Anna Faris Boob Job Before and After

If we look at the before and after pictures, Anna Faris breast size now looks bigger and rounder. And, if we pay attention carefully, it is very clear that it is as the result of breast implants.

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Breast implants or Boob job itself is not something new anymore for many actresses and models in America. Based on the statistics, many of them whose small breast size feel uncomfortable and unconfident. Therefore, they decide to take this surgical procedure to make their boob size bigger and rounder. Let’s see how Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey. Both of the woman reportedly got breast augmentation surgery to add the volume of their cup size.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Face

The other part of her body that is believed having been enhanced through plastic surgery is her face. Many people see that Anna Faris’ facial skin still looks tight and smooth. It seems to be unnatural thing remembering her age is already 38 years old. In her age she should have wrinkles or excessive skin around her face. But in fact, it is hard to see the aging signs there.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Face
Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After

Looking at her youthful face appearance makes some celebrity watchers speculate that she has taken regular Botox injection to get rid of the wrinkles from her face. This speculation is indeed still debatable, but looking at Anna Faris ageless face, the allegation seems to be true.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Lips

The last part of her body that triggers the speculation of plastic surgery is her lips. Some haters think that her lips now look a little bit different than before. They see that her lips now look fuller and juicy. They predict that Anna possibly got lips filler injection to give sexy impression on her lips.

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