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Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

It is not something new anymore that plastic surgery in Asia has become favorite ways to enhance the appearance including for the celebrities. The latest news reports that beautiful and sweet actress, Angelababy, is rumored having some surgical procedures done.

The big question is what kind of Angelababy plastic surgery procedures are if she has really been under knife.

Angelababy Eyelid Surgery Surgery Before and After
Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on the comparison between Angelababy before and after pictures, The Ghouls star possibly got double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty or it is well known as nose job, jaw surgery and chin reduction.

Before talking further about Angelababy plastic surgery Chinese girl, it has been noted that she strongly denied all the plastic surgery rumors addressed to her. She said that she was still natural without any surgical procedure done like many people alleged.

However, a lot of people apparently do not believe with her statement because the comparison between Angelababy before and after plastic surgery pictures show that there are big difference between previous years and her appearance now. They believe that the rumor of Angelababy plastic surgery is in fact true.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before After
Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before After

Let’s see her eyes now! Both of her eyes now look wider and like western eyes shape. It is almost impossible for Asian girls to have eyes like her if they do not have any beauty surgery procedures done. Some people may insist that she has Germany descent, but if we look at the before picture, she had small eyes.

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty surgery itself is most common surgical procedures that many Asian celebrities take. They seem not to be confidence with their Asian eyes, small eyes. Therefore, they decide to take this cosmetic surgery procedure to widen their eyes.

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Angelababy Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After
Angelababy Nose Job Before and After

The other sign of Angelababy plastic surgery can be seen from her nose. Angelababy’s nose now looks smaller and thinner than previous years. It may be as the result of nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

Nose job itself becomes the second surgical procedures most taken by many Asian celebrities includiung  Angelababy. Look at the before picture, she had flat and big nose. But, in the after picture, the shape pof her nose has turned into slimmer and much better defined. Are you still in doubt if Angelababy nose job is a fact?

The last plastic surgery procedure that we can see on her appearance is dealing with her jaw and chin. Based on the comparison between before and after pictures, it is very clear that she previously had wide chin. But, it has changed now. She looks better and even much more beautiful. Meanwhile, the sign of Angelababy jaw surgery can be proven from the shape of her jaw line which looks slimmer than before.

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