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Amber Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Amber Rose whose real name Amber Levonchuck, an American superstar, model, and fashion designer, recently becomes hot topic of discussion among her fans due to her new appearance. Many people predict that her new appearance is as the result of plastic surgery. However, the truth of the plastic surgery allegation is still debatable because she herself has never given official statement whether she has been under knife or not.

Did Amber Rose Really Have Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Amber Rose Butt
Amber Rose Butt Implants Before and After

Based on the comparison between Amber Rose before and after plastic surgery pictures, her appearance does look different than she used to especially on her butt.

Judging by before and after photos, Amber Rose butt indeed looks twice as big now. It may be caused by butt implants. However, Dr.Shafer David, Manhattan plastic surgeon, thinks that it is difficult to judge her getting plastic surgery procedure, butt implants. Concerning with pictures comparison between Amber Rose plastic surgery pictures, the surgeon does not see any sign of beauty surgery procedures.

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery
Amber Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

In line with Dr.Shafer David, a Facial Plastic Specialist, Paul S. Nassif, does not also see any sign of signs of plastic surgery procedures done in her appearance. The surgeon thinks that she is still young, so everything is still changing especially her butt.

Nevertheless, many celebrity watchers still insist that Amber Rose butt is as the result of butt implants. They even notice that she does not only have surgical procedures on her butt, but her nose and facial skin also look enhanced through plastic surgery.

Amber Rose Nose
Amber Rose Nose Job Before and After

They point that the shape of Amber Rose nose now looks a bit slimmer than before. They think that it may be as the result of nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery. While, the sign of botox injection can be seen from her face skin which still looks ageless.

What do you think about the rumor Amber Rose plastic surgery? Does she really look like as a plastic surgeon’s patient?

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