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Allu Arjun Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The rumor of Allu Arjun plastic surgery may not be something new anymore. But in fact, there are many people especially his fans are still wondering about the truth of the rumor.

Indeed, there are so many sources that have discussed about Allu Arjun plastic surgery. And based on the comparison before and after pictures, some of them claimed that the rumors of Allu Arjun cosmetic surgery was true or fact. They claimed that his plastic surgery procedures included facelift and Botox injection.

Allu Arjun Plastic Surgery Before and After
Allu Arjun Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, it seems to be very unfair to claim whether a person or celebrity was getting plastic surgery or not only based on the comparison of before and after pictures because essentially someone has a growth phase in which the person has some physical changes including parts of their body. Therefore, I personally really disagree if before and after photos are used as the main eveidence to judge that Allu Arjun has been under knife. I suspect if the media that reported Allu Arjun has been getting plastic surgery is just to chase rating rather than giving objective analysis.

Judging from the comparison between Allu Arjun before and after photos, he does look different. But the difference is not so striking. If they find some differences in appearance, it may be influenced by the effect of aging or maybe different angel of image capture. And if I look Allu Arjun’s wonderful appearance, it may be caused by the make up not plastic surgery. I believe that his appearance is still natural without any surgical procedures done because there has not been official statement from the actor whether he has been under knife or not.

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