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Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After

Alicia Keys recently becomes hot topic of discussion among people in a variety of media, social media and several celebrity magazines. Many people are fascinated with her new appearance. Most of them wonder about the secret of her beauty. They could not believe how she can turn out into a beautiful woman in very short time.

Some sources say that a woman who works as an actress and musician has got plastic surgery so that her appearance now looks much more beautiful than she used to be. Did she really have some cosmetic surgery procedures done?

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

People say that her appearance, especially her skin, now looks whiter than before. They think that it is amazing change that she now becomes a white skinned woman.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After
Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After

Departing from their distrust towards Alicia Keys transformation, they tried to dig deeper into the figure of the woman. And, it was found the yearbook, in which there are pictures of her youthful age or before she became famous, which shows that Alicia has changed a lot.

After having found some pictures they compare them with the recent ones. As a result, As a result, they found some parts of her body had been projected. Let’s look at the shape of her nose! Alicia Keys nose apparently has changed, thinner with narrow nasal bridge and more defined tip. Her new nose is in stark contrast with the shape of her previous nose which looks relatively flat and wide with a bulbous tip.

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After
Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After

Many plastic surgeons believe that she has got rhinoplasty surgery to change her wide and bulbous nose as it was revealed by Dr. Paul Nassif.

“Definitely looks like she had a rhinoplasty. Her tip is less bulbous and her Ala (sides of the nose) has been narrowed. Her rhinoplasty appears natural at this time. Her dorsum, or bridge, appears a little more square as compared to her pre-op.”

What about other plastic surgery procedures? Did she only have a rhinoplasty surgery?

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According to plastic surgery fact site, Alicia Keys did not only have nose job, but she seemed to have other beauty surgery procedures done such as facelift and lip enhancement. The allegation is based on her face kin which still looks so smooth and tight at her 34-year-old age, signing of facelift surgery. While the sign of Alicia Keys lips filler injection can be seen from her lips that looks fuller than before.

Unfortunately, there has been no official statement from this talented woman about the plastic surgery rumors. She was silent as if unconcerned with plastic surgery allegation.

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