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Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel and as spokesmodel, Adriana Lima, is rumored having some plastic surgery procedures to boost her career in modelling.

This 32 years old Brazilian model and actress reportedly got nose job or rhinoplasty surgery, breast implants or boob job, lip injection, botox, and chin implant.

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After
Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on before and after pictures, there are indeed some changes on the parts of her body. Let’s take a look at Adriana Lima breast size. It now looks bigger and rounder than before, as if there is something like silicone injected in her breast. Some people predict that she could have been under knife for breast implant. They also think that with big and round cup size, she does not need any push-up bra anymore to boost her confidence when she is wearing swimsuits and lingerie.

Adriana Lima Breast Implant
Adriana Lima Breast Implant

Nevertheless, not all people agree if Lima has got breast augmentation because she began her career in modelling at a very young age and her breast size improvement could be as the result of growing up. However, all people agree if her cup size is more proportional to her body shape now.

The procedures of Adriana Lima plastic surgery is not only enough on her breast, but she also reportedly got lips injection as well. The plastic surgery allegation can be proven from her lips which now look fuller and more “snake bitten” than they used to be. However, the fans insist that her sexy lips are because of a great make up artist!

Adriana Lima Nose Job Before and After
Adriana Lima Nose Job Before and After

The other cosmetic surgery procedure that she might get is nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. Some people notice that Lima’s nose now appears very smooth and aesthetic. Whereas, her nose previously looks bulbous with undefined tip.

In addition, some people claimed that Adriana Lima plastic surgery is not only breast implant, nose job, and lips injection. They also predict that she might have been under knife for a chin implant which has made her look more feminine than before.

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What Did Plastic Surgeon Say About Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery?

According to Dr Sherrell J Aston, Lima cannot hide the facts if she has got lip injections.

 “I agree that she has had lip injections, as her lips are especially plump.”

Dr. Paul S. Nassif also agrees if Adriana Lima has got lips augmentation.

 “It is possible Adriana Lima may have had a small amount of filler injected into her lips. If so, it was done very conservatively and is not apparent at a first glance. Her nose does not appear to have had any work done, as it appears the same as in earlier photos.”

Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer also agree that she must have been under knife for lips filler injection.

“The photos of Adriana Lima sure like she has had lip augmentation. Her lips appear larger, but have also lost definition – which is often the case of overzealous injections. The goal of lip augmentation / injections is to restore a youthful fullness to the lips while maintaining natural definition.”

In addition, Plastic surgeon Dr. Aston noted that supermodel Adriana Lima did not only have injectable filler on her lips, but she also could have been under knife for breast augmentation or boob job.

“In my opinion supermodel Adriana Lima has definitely undergone breast augmentation. When I compare her earlier pictures to her current ones there is an absolute difference in her shape. The surgeon gave her an appropriate size for her frame and made them exceptionally symmetrical. I think that the implants”

Adriana Lima breast implant is also agreed by Dr. Walden and Dr. Youn. Both of plastic surgeons revealed that the change of her breast size did not happen naturally like puberty, but it might be as the result of breast implants.

What do you think about it? Did Adriana Lima really have plastic surgery?


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