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Adele’s Beautiful Evolution: Before and After Shots.

About Adele


Adele is the talk of social media today. She seems to be under attack for going towards plastic surgery (we don’t mind that). But before we get into that, let’s provide a little background.

Adele is an English singer and songwriter. She was born in 1988, at London specifically. The currently 27 years-old musician graduated from BTIR School with a performing arts and tech degree.

So about Adele Plastic surgery…

Adele Nose Job Before and After 1


Adele has been the talk of social media with her latest plastic surgery antics. She entered stardom in the recent few years, so the talk isn’t really a surprise. The talk centers really on some facial and body changes in Adele’s look. It’s mostly focused on her nose job, and apparent liposuction she went through. Of course, before judging, we need to look at Adele’s commitment to her career.

After disappearing for a little while, Adele popped back into stardom with some releases and a nice figure. She slimmed down a bit, and this was definitely noticed by her fans. Her photos have been circulating social media, with talk about plastic surgery.

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Regardless, Adele doesn’t attribute her new slim look to plastic surgery. But, that still leaves questions about changes in her facial features.

Did Adele go for a Rhinoplasty?

Adele Rhinoplasty

Adele Nose Job Before and After

There’s a lot of intense online talk about Adele’s nose job. Before, it wasn’t a big deal, but her photos before and after show a great difference. It’s not the same nose you see…

What’s funny is that her nose wasn’t really noticeable by fans (before surgery). While her nose tip was a little bigger compared to her facial features, her nose wasn’t what you would describe as large. Her face had always been quite beautiful, so we don’t really understand why she’d change her nose.

Regardless, her nose change isn’t bad. It’s a little sharper, but it does compliment her face well. It looks thinner and better. The tip of the nose was probably the focus of her surgery.

As for the Liposuction…

Adele Weight Loss Now and Then Adele Liposuction Now and Then Adele Liposuction Now and Then 1

Adele has lost a lot of weight. This is never bad news for anyone, but it does create questions on how the weight loss was achieved.

Many fans assume that this came about through a liposuction. We personally doubt that, since she does seem like someone who doesn’t take a break. Her career has been pretty non-stop since she came to stardom. 8 years of a lot of work and low rest!

A liposuction generally requires a lot of time to rest, so we’re not sure she went with that.

Final Verdict.

Adele is an excellent example of a celebrity to look up to. She’s a superstar, and she took the necessary steps to create a better look for herself. That’s not something the media should demonize.

We hope that she doesn’t overdo plastic surgery though, since this may not be good for her career. We’re looking forward to more of her albums. It’s her voice that started a fan base for her after all!

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