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15 Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery in the World

Believe it or not, plastic surgery lately becomes very profitable business in the world for recent years. The claims were based on statistical data of world economy and on the tendency of some people who often want to improve and enhance their appearance in an instant and the super fast way through cosmetic surgery.

Best Place For Plastic Surgery in the World
Best Place For Plastic Surgery in the World

There are many people deliberately travel from all over the world just for the medical expertise and skills of a plastic surgeon. They usually never care how expensive the cost of plastic surgery as long as they can get the best results from their beauty surgery.

Well, have you known which countries are often referred to as a paradise for cosmetic surgery lovers? The followings are best place to get plastic surgery based on countries.

Top 15 Countries as Best Place for Plastic Surgery

1. Korean Plastic Surgery: Best Place Plastic Surgery Korea

According to the New Yorker magazine, Korea is claimed as the world capital of plastic surgery. It is said that one from every five Korean women has undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. It means that 20% of Korean women have been under knife to enhance their appearance.

The most often taken procedures of plastic surgery in Korean are double eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and nose job (rhinoplasty). See how Kpop stars enhance their appearance through those two cosmetic surgery procedures! The other surgical procedure which is often taken by Koreans is liposuction.

2. USA Plastic Surgery: American Board of Plastic Surgery

The development of plastic surgery in America is claimed growing very fast in recent decades. One of the evidences can be seen from the news of celebrity plastic surgery. Many of American celebrities reportedly had undergone cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance.

Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery in the World
Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery in the World

According to the statistics from ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), there are top five procedures of plastic surgery in America. They are breast augmentation, nose job, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and facelift.

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3. Taiwan Plastic Surgery: Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery in Taiwan

Asian plastic surgery is not only dominated by Korea. Taiwan also becomes one of best countries to get plastic surgery in. Many of people, who choose Taiwan for their medical tourism, take facial plastic surgery. According to the data from a research, there are 221,000 tourists came to Taiwan in a year for plastic surgery face in order to always look ageless, and the procedure of cosmetic surgery which is often taken is Botox injection.

As we know that one of the best ways to get rid of the aging signs is by using Botox injection. This injectable filler can hide even eliminate the wrinkles around the face.

4. Thailand Plastic Surgery: Best Place to Have Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Thailand is not only best known as a very polite and service-oriented country, but it also claimed as one of world capitals for plastic surgery like South Korea. Many of medical tourists feel satisfied with services of plastic surgeons in Thailand.

Thailand plastic surgery prices are also claimed cheaper than other countries in Asia even in America. Although the cost is cheap, it does not mean the technology and service less of perfect. Plastic surgery in Bangkok uses high and advanced technology, and it is of course with very kindly service.

The followings are the costs and most popular procedures of Thailand plastic surgery.

  • Breast implants             $3,000-$4,000
  • Facelift                            $4,000-$5,500
  • Tummy tuck                  $5,000-$5,200
  • Dental implant               $2,300
  • Knee/hip replacement  $12,000 -14,000

5. Dominican Plastic Surgery‎: Best Place to Have Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic

Dominican plastic surgery can be one of best options for you who are planning to have plastic surgery travel. Plastic surgery in Dominican Republic is supported by skilled and efficient plastic surgeons. The cost of surgery is also cheaper than plastic surgery cost in America.

The most popular procedures of plastic surgery in Dominican Republic are boob Job, tummy tuck, liposuction, Buttock augmentation, facial plastic surgery and many others.

6. Plastic Surgery India: Best Place to Have Plastic Surgery in India

Not a few of plastic surgery lovers also choose India as their medical tourism. The center of city for cosmetic surgery in India is Mumbai.

Many Indian plastic surgeons are graduates of famous universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. India plastic surgery cost is claimed as the cheapest in the world. It may be caused by the condition of economy of Indians. And, the numbers of plastic surgery patients in India are more from the outside than India’s own citizens.

Many foreign medical tourists feel satisfied coming to India because they are treated with service and facilities specifically. The other factor that made them come back to India is because English becomes as second language of India, so that they will not get difficulties in communication with the surgeons and citizens. Would you plan to have a plastic surgery travel to Mumbai?

7. Plastic Surgery in Brazil: Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery in Brazil

Besides being popular as a vibrant city to explore, Brazil is also claimed as world capital for plastic surgery. Even plastic surgery in Brazil is claimed as an integral part of Brazilian culture where it is regarded as a status symbol. Therefore, the government of Brazil supports the cosmetic surgery business. They believe that by supporting the plastic surgery industry, state revenue will increase because there are taxes to be paid by plastic surgeons and their clinics. The most common of plastic surgery procedures in Brazil are breast implant and liposuction.

8. Plastic Surgery in Colombia: Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery in Columbia

It is true or not, the industry development of plastic surgery in Columbia is inspired by Brazil. This statement is based on the location between both of countries which are not too far. The most common and most often taken procedure of cosmetic surgery in Columbia is Liposuction.

However, there are so many pros and cons dealing with plastic surgery in Columbia. Some people say this country becomes one of the best medical tourism places for beauty surgery, but not a few of them claimed that Columbia plastic surgery is not totally free from risk. Nevertheless, it cannot be used as a general conclusion that all regions of Columbia have a high risk of plastic surgery.

9. China Plastic Surgery: Best Place to Have Plastic Surgery in China

You may believe it or not that almost every year there are 2 million reconstructive facial surgeries done in China. The main reason for this procedure is that the Chinese people are not confident with the look of their face with high cheekbones, narrow jaw lines, slanting eyes and wide nose.

Many of the patients were satisfied with the results of plastic surgery in China. This may be influenced by a plastic surgeon that is very professional and is supported by modern tools.

Well, if you choose China as destinations for plastic surgery, you should start saving from now on because of the cost of plastic surgery in China is very expensive even more expensive than in Western countries.

The followings are the most common procedures and cost of cosmetic surgery in China.

  • Double Eyelid Surgery                       $1,500
  • Jaw Reshaping                                    $9,000
  • Jawline and Cheek Bone Reshaping $15,000

Serious Notes: Do not ever take a double eyelid surgery with cheaper price than mentioned above because it is certainly uncertified and illegal.

10. Plastic Surgery South Africa: Cost of Plastic Surgery in South Africa

Most of us will probably never plan plastic surgery safari to South Africa. But believe it or not, many luxury medical spas in South Africa now offer cosmetic procedures with the nuances of wildlife exploration and glamorous wine. Thus, from now on you can rearrange your medical tourism. You may try new sensations of cosmetic surgery in South Africa.

Below are the details of the price for most popular plastic surgery procedures in South Africa.

  • Breast Augmentation $3,600
  • Facelift                          $5,000
  • Liposuction                   $4,500

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